Dawn of the Third Age

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An Exalted PbIM game in the Third Age of Creation, 10 years after the events of Once More With Feeling.


It is Realm Year 778. Ten years ago, the chaos of the Time of Tumult peaked: a mysterious force in Yu-Shan slew numerous gods and nearly the entire Five Score Fellowship before vanishing; the Mask of Winters moved boldly against the Scavenger Lands, plunging Nexus into a shadowland and devastating Great Forks, Greyfalls, and Lookshy; and a second Balorian Crusade swept over Creation from every direction. In that moment of crisis, a group of Solar and Lunar Exalted, having already reclaimed the city of Denandsor, penetrated to the heart of the Sword of Creation and threw back the invading fae, and halted the offensive of the Deathlords. From there, they brought the Realm to heel and turned their efforts to unifying and preparing Creation for the next assault.

Despite the growing acceptance of the Celestial Exalted, the Time of Tumult continues. The Deathlords have suffered a setback, but they are readying their next strike. The raksha invasion has been defeated, but the new Celestial Deliberative has only just begun to push back the boundaries of the Wyld, and the agents of the Reclamation have begun carving realms of Yozi-worshippers out of the chaos, coming as saviors and protectors wherever the Celestial Deliberative's power does not yet reach.

There are enemies from within, as well. The Immaculate Order has splintered over the doctrinal reforms imposed by the Realm's new Celestial masters, and even among the Dragon-Blooded who have accepted - or had beaten into them - the truth that Celestial Exalted are not Anathema, many resent to at least some degree the subordinate position they have been forced into. And, of course, the Great Houses and their rivalries still remain - with new rivalries, now that the surviving members of the Lookshy's Seventh Legion are trying to integrate into the new political dispensation.

One bright spot - although it is a secret so far restricted to the Deliberative - is that peaceful contact has been made with the nations of Autochthonia, after a patropolis broke through the Seal of Eight Divinities in the wilderness near Denandsor. Limited amounts of trade and joint magitech research are taking place.

A map of Creation as it exists at the time of the game - the white circle indicates the rough position where Creation becomes Bordermarches.
The Factions of the Celestial Deliberative
The Grand Circle of Denandsor, founders of the Celestial Deliberative

House Rules[edit]

Character Generation
Anima Powers
Other House Rules

Player Characters[edit]

The Solars[edit]

The Lunars[edit]

  • Faustus 21 as Wandering, Wanderer & Medicine pedlar (Full Moon)
  • Lost_Arts as Bright Snow, Traveller, Wanderer & Courier (Changing Moon Caste)

The Infernals[edit]

The Sidereals[edit]


NPCs and Allies[edit]

Minor NPCs and allies




Small group logs[edit]

While investigating The Lap[edit]

At the Denandsor Reclamation Festival[edit]

At the Chiaroscuro Beach[edit]


Near Gem[edit]

In An-Teng[edit]

Back in Gem[edit]

Brazen Sand and Wandering

On the slopes of Mt. Meru[edit]

In Sanken[edit]

Near Mt. Metagalapa[edit]

After the Deliberative session[edit]


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XP Awarded[edit]

  • 322 (8 per session, +10 per story)
    • (3-die stunts)
      • +3 to Noldarr
      • +9 to Nomoe
      • +? to Brazen
      • +1 to Ruby
      • +8 to Bright Snow
      • +1 to Harmony
      • +? to Wandering
      • +? to Prototype