Drake d'Cannith

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Name: Drake d'Cannith

Alignment/Race/Class: Neutral Evil. Ranger 2/Rogue 4/Artificer 3/Chameleon 4/Binder 1.

Personality Description: Drake has a refined military attitude if you meet him on the street but if a stranger pulls a good practical joke on him he will be the hardest to laugh. To his men he is kind but firm. Many successful battles have one him the respect of his men and he rarely needs to discipline them.

Appearance: Drake is nearly always dressed in a practical many pocketed shadoweave officers outfit that conceals at least three daggers and a throwing dart. He has dark blond hair, hazel eyes and light olive skin.

History: Born in Cyre but raised mainly in Sharn. Drake did okay in his studies but it soon became clear that his main obsession was hunting. His parents seeing this decided to enroll at a military academy with a focus on scouting at this he excelled come top of his class every year he was there.

It was at that time that he developed a dragonmark knowing that if he revealed it he would probably be confined to a lifetime of diplomacy or some such he concealed it for many years. When it was finally found out that he had a mark he was prepared to run away rather than face what the house had in store for him luckily Merrix offered him a different post that of of the Cyre Scout he would take special training aimed at helping him survive in the Mournlands. Once his training was finished he was sent on several missions into the Mournlands it soon became apparent that with the myriad dangers of the Mournlands he would need help. It was at this time that House Orien started looking into putting a lightning rail through Mournland. He was put in charge of a group of Orien soldiers and a Cannith wizard the house then hired a Jorasco druid to help them with healing and to provide food he lead the expedition from on a long trek from Loom Keep down past the Glowing Chasm to Metrol from their though the Glass Plateau and then on to Caer Shadowfast. An amazing tactician he managed to almost get their with the loss of only one Orien soldier at which point he encountered the Speakers of Orkus. He promptly defeated them and arrived at Caer Shadowfast.

When Princess Haydith ran away Drake teamed up with Ethan Rhefeldt and Gerald Greywood to kill Count Strahd. On their way to Barovia he encountered Alexia Tairden a former lover of his. As Ethan fought Mr. Shadow Drake faced Alexia and managed to break her bowstring. After Strahd died he returned to Caer Shadowfast encountered Alexia again during a conversation with her he revealed that he hadn't meant to hurt her when he had left her. At first she had intended to kill him but had teleported out after he revealed that.

When Cassius ordered Merrix d'Cannith killed Drake made sure the Merrix the Younger's clone was secure. When Merrix was killed Drake knowing full well that Merrix d'Cannith III was involved, visited and told Merrix III that he intended to support his claim to house Cannith (just before Drake revealed himself Merrix III had talked to himself about taking over House Cannith and Khorvaire) but that he could bring him down at any time.

At the start of the Grasp of the Emerald Claw, Drake encountered Alexia again she told him that she was coming back to him but that if he ever hurt her again she would kill him.

Leaving earlier than everyone else for Xen'drik he arrived at Xantopoli in advance of the rest of the Watchmen. While waiting for the rest of the Watchmen his crew manufactured a large amount alchemists fire as well as planting a ring of bombs around the Temple of the Blue Leaf.

When the Watchmen arrived he detonated the bombs in order to cut off reinforcements to the Blue Leaf Temple. In addition he fire bombed most of the city killing most of the old ones followers. As the Watchmen descended into the Blue Leaf Temple Drake bombarded it in order to avoid having to fight the aberrations inhabiting the temple. Unfortunately this nearly killed several of the Watchmen causing a large amount of mistrust against him. This mistrust was increased further when he took Kirielle "Kiri" D'Vadalis hostage. While he did it from the best of intentions this event almost resulted in a fight. Fortunately a fight was averted and Xulo was with the help of Kiri and Patch able to avert a collision with Xoriat by using a slingshot maneuver. Unfortunately Xoriat clipped the plane of shadow on it's way out into the cosmos paving the way for a Quori invasion.