Ethan Rhefeldt

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Chaotic Good Human(Timeless) Male Bard 6/Extreme Explorer 2/Master Inquisitive 4

Appearance: Ethan Rhefeldt is handsome man of approximately 26 to 27 years old, with hair that varies in color(some quite strange) every day. He bears a mix of Brelish and Karrn features due to his mixed parentage.

He prefers to dress in a relaxed local style, unless there is a very good reason to wear something more impressive.

Personality: Ethan is a witty and highly intelligent man. Do to his long life he has developed a easy going fatherly attitude towards many. Few things anger him more than someone overtly abusing a position of power for their own gain at the cost of those they are charged with serving.

Background: Ethan is 136 years old and was born to a Karrn father and a Brelish mother in the City of Towers. He graduated from Morgrave University's archeology program at age 24.

In 888 A.G., he was part of an expedition to Xen'drik that discovered several ruined cities and a plethora of artifacts. During this adventure he gained his unusual hair, his immortality, and the love of Leena d'Orien, his first wife.

Because of Ethan's understanding of the dangers of immortality, he has gone by many names. His history during the Last War is complex. He has served in each of the 5 nations armies, became an Inquisitor of the Silver Flame, was the captain of a mercenary airship, and served as a professor at Morgrave University (not necessarily in that order).

His first encounter with Cassius happened during the mission to rescue Cassius' daughter after Stradh Von Zharovich had kidnapped her. This encounter began a relationship of mutual respect between the two men, even after they later faced each other on the opposite sides of the battle field.

Roleplaying Hints: Ethan is a pulp hero, plain and simple. Think Doc Savage mixed with Indiana Jones and Lone Ranger, seasoned with Von Helsing (both the versions from the movie and the book), cooked over the flames of the Rocketeer's jet pack garnished with the Belmont clan. He is capable of feats that to most are unbelievable, but he is still an extremely nice guy.

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