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A character in the [[Easy Money]] PBP WHFRP game.
A character in the [[Easy Money]] PBP WHFRP game.

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A character in the Easy Money PBP WHFRP game.


The Son of Norse Immigrants, Eckhart found life hard, he was always treated as being different by the other children grew up. The one source of Joy for him was listening to the stories his farther told, about both his ancestors, and the tales of the Sigmar and the Empire. Eventually he was able to recite these tales for him self. When he came of age he decided to leave his home town, and make his fortune as a travelling story teller, regaling people with the stories of old. But everywhere he went he suffered the same stigma of being different, his mannerisms, his mode of speech marked him as an outsider. Rarther than allow this to destroy him he made his difference a centre piece of his existince daring others to use it against him.

Unfortunately for Eckhart his luck more often than not runs sour, and he is currently stuck in a run down part of Altdolf with little prospect of getting rich any time soon, however recently he has come across a group of people in the same predicament, perhaps his luck has run good for once.



Current Entertainer


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 27 31 37 33 37 33 30 31 1 12 4 2
Advanced +10
Entertainer +5 +10 +10 +5 +10 +2
Current 27 31 37 33 37 33 30 41 1 12 4 2


Total 100
Current 0

Personal Details

Height 4'9"
Weight 125lb
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Marks Norse Tattoos on check
Siblings 1 Younger Sister
Sign Mummit the Fool
Age 21
Birthplace Ostmark


Acute Hearing (+20% bonus on Per tests involving Listening) Hardy (+1 to wounds) Public Speaker (Charm x10) Specialist Weapon Group (Throwing) (Use throwing Weapons)


Charm (Fel) Common Knowledge (The Empire) (Int) Evaluate ((Int) Gossip (Fel) Perception (Int) Performer (Acrobat, Storyteller) (Fel) Sleight of Hand (Ag) Speak Language (Riekspiel) (Int) Swim (Str)


Good Craftsmanship Clothes
3 Throwing Knives
Light Armour (Leather Jack)
Short Sword
Pouch with 6 Gold Shillings