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Easy Money is a PBP WHFRP game being run by Phantom Grunweasel. The game revolves around the lives of a group of Altdorf underworld drinking buddies, namely Manfred "Manny" Kaltenbach, Johann Holder, Eckhart Olafson, Otto Rottengud, Ilsa Utterbutten and Gottfreid Stammler.

Altdorf is also home to many of Easy Money's NPCs

A number of Documents have been picked up along the way.

There are two active threads for the game; [IC] and [OOC]

There is a summary of the events so far.

For a later section, here is a version of the story separated by character.

Linked Games[edit]

There are also a number of linked PbPs, set in the same continuity:

Last Days in Ostland (campaign; concluded)

Seeking to survive, a handful of refugees in wartorn Ostland become involved in the plans of a messianic leader claiming to be the Sigmarite hero Valten

Hans Schmidt Gets It Done (one-shot; concluded)

Three mutants in Nuln track down the monstrous charlatan Hans Schmidt, who inflicted their present conditions upon them

Fear No More the Heat of the Sun (campaign; concluded)

A band of convicts and drifters are blackmailed into escorting a young noblewoman into Sylvania for her marriage to the vampire Count Mannfred von Carstein

The Tranquility of Solitude (one-shot; ongoing)

Trapped in the nightmarish Inevitable City, a fractious group of maniacs pursue an elusive dream of escape


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