Episode 513: All In A Day's Work

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Air Date: 19 Apr 2011
Present: Kim, Maer, Terri, and Andy

Friday, 08 May 2522: Equinox leaves St. Albans. It is an uneventful journey to New Melbourne. The ship is in need of repairs, having been damaged in their recent adventures.

Saturday09/Sunday10 May 2522: Arrive New Melbourne. Stay two weeks making repairs and healing up. The land on a floating city known as Flotilla, a collection of ships and processors that function as a single city floating on the currents or slowly powering to wherever it needs to be to get the best fishing and weather. Flotilla though unusual offers most of the services and trade available at any other small city.

Joshua secures two cargo loads of clothing bound for Boros, a total of 600 tons, necessitating using some of our passenger stateroom space to shoehorn it in. It’s 2088 credits, with half up front, however, a much needed boost to the ship's finances.

Nika and Kiera go to Lane’s Ferry on New Melbourne to investigate a Jun Jun off the list. After a conversation with the bartender of the local bar (and some sharp dealing for his scrimshaw), we find out the real information can be had with the village's ladies' sewing circle. They meet in another building in town. Nika and Kiera walk over, knock on the door and find no evidence of sewing in sight, but a card game. Hah! (Legend of the Drunken Master, anyone?) They pay into a game and they talk over the cards. When we mention we're looking for a Jun Jun, looks are traded back and forth between the village women and by the end of a couple hours playing, Jun Jun reveals she is June Barrett (Now June Hendricks) of Alkali Flats, the first girl taken—she’s married to a fisherman and has 3 kids and we leave our contact info with her. She gave us a cortex wave to send to her father on Jianyin, to tell him she’s alive. She’s got a good enough life here, though it’s hard, and she’d rather stay on New Melbourne and put the kidnapping behind her.

There is another name on the JJB list—Amber-Hamm. A tsunami swamped the town she was taken from. Did anyone survive Hamm’s encounter with the tsunami? Looking into the records of Hamm, we get a name like Amber— Ambery—and a surname to go with it—Schell. Most of the inhabitants fled Hamm and Ambery’s parents, Alice and Hem Schell, are listed as having moved to Flotilla. Since Joshua is too injured to fly with Nika and Kiera to Lane’s Ferry and he has cargo to line up, he elects to search the neighborhood of Flotilla. He finds the Schells and they confirm that yes, indeed, their daughter Ambery was taken from Hamm. Would we find her? They give us a photo from five months before she’s taken. We’ll have to run it through an aging algorithm to get a better idea what she’ll look like now.

Sunday, 24 May 2522:Leave New Melbourne to go to Silverhold. They Fly the short three days to Silverhold.

Wednesday, 27 May: Arrive Silverhold, there they find four passengers, Federal Marshals in a hurry to reach Persephone, they pay us up front 700 credits. The Federal Marshals seem in good spirits hoping to enjoy themselves en route, and possibly once they get there. Kiera makes an effort to keep them occupied and happy during the week long journey to Persephone.

Friday, 29 May: Midway into flight Kiera notices tension between the one female Marshal and the males. She works to distract them and keep the ship in good spirits. In what becomes known as Party Gras Kiera throws out all stops to keep tensions from getting to high. Between gambling, games, and endless alcohol, the Feds stay entertained til we arrive.

Sunday, 03 Jun 2522: They arrive in orbit of Persephone and find themselves in the traditional long Core queue of ships waiting to land. They wave Badger, and accept a job from him carrying 6 enforcers to Hancock, Regina, negotiate fee, and he gets them waived as a medical supplies delivery, and they are able to jump the queue and land without delay.

They negotiate with Badger a job to the Georgia system. He will pay 65 credits per head (6 of them) and Badger will take 25% of our Fed passenger fee as his payment for expediting our landing. (25% of 700 = 175) Badger pays us 400 now for the legbreakers and will pay us the balance of what he owes us (225) when we deliver them to Regina. Nika and Kiera and Beglan go see him to finalize the deal. They meet with Badger and almost immediately have to scramble to avoid a Federal Marshall sweep for criminals. While escaping the raid, they run into Laura and Ronnie (two of the Federal Marshals they just transported), they let the crew go. Whew!

Having escaped the raid. They leave Persephone for Regina that same day.

They leave for Regina. The long trip is wearisome, as they don't have the energy to host another "party gras" and Badger's men are mean, brash, and uninterested in the rules of the ship. They run roughshod on ship, leaving trash and a trail of dirty dishes throughout the passenger deck. The Captain chooses to limit their movement to the Passenger deck, but they pushed the limits at every opportunity. A long trip like that cramped up anywhere is a challenge.

Tuesday, 05 Jun:One of the passengers gets rough with Kiera, she eels out of it. Joshua and Nika try to figure the best way to keep this from escalating. Lucky for the passenger it was Kiera and not Rina, or he'd lose that hand. During the next day or so, Kieara notices on passenger, the biggest, scariest one, Rufus, looking a bit dicey, Joshua gets weird vibe off him. Joshua approaches the leader, Cort, and asks about him. He’s boosted (using performance enhancing drugs to make him more menacing) and apparently forgot to pack his dampeners, which would keep him cool. Without the dampeners, he could crack and go psycho on the passengers and crew.
Kiera and Arden debate trying to make some dampeners from the ship's medical stores, but they aren't certain what would be the effect, and experimenting midflight with a potential maniac looks dangerous.

Wednesday, 06 Jun: Kiera and Arden figure out a substitution but how to administer them? They decide to isolate Rufus in the foreward cargo airlock with the meds spiking his water supply and leave him there for the safety of our crew. Beggar insists on keeping him company because it’s the human—though not the safest—thing to do. Joshua goes with. Rina goes ballistic. Nika slaps her down verbally and that’s the plan. They sneak up on him and trank him when he’s sleeping and drag him down below to the airlock.

Thursday, 07 Jun: Rufus wakes up. He proceeds to wrestle abuse, and otherwise beat the two unarmed crewman. It’s a yo-yo of getting thrown around like luggage by the American Tourister Gorilla and a weep-fest as they hold Rufus’s hand and tell him he’ll be all right. Rufus gets a grip by degrees and when he’s in enough control of himself agrees to take the spiked water. Meanwhile Nika reads Rina the riot act for being overprotective of the XO (and in front of the passengers no less!) and the rest of the crew watches the airlock via our surveillance cameras. Everyone survives the experience, but not without a few bruised ribs, and cuts and scraps.

Wednesday 24 JunEquinox arrives at Regina in the evening and does a quick kiss and go. They part company with no hard feelings and we dust off hoping Badger’s enforcers don’t take it out on the natives too harshly.

They fly 1.5 days to Boros, arriving toward noon of the day of 26 Jun 2522, Friday.

En Route, they wave Saul Lee to see if he could fix it so we get in faster—Boros is an Allied world and the mickey mouse pi gu on arrival applies. There’s some wrangling as to percentage but Saul Lee eventually agrees and we only have to pay 10% to get our stuff past the inspection process.

Friday, 26 Jun 2522: They land at Vandenburg, Boros. They set about monthly maintenance, and looking about for work. Rina does a fantastic job on the monthly maintenance and cuts our cost by 50% for a savings of over 200 credits. They decide to stay dirtside a little while—there are names from the JJB list to investigate right here on Boros and there’s the coordinates from the land sat photo on Regina—which we forgot to check up on when we dropped off Badger’s knee-breakers. Oh well, on the trip back out, then.

It’s been a rough month of hauling passengers and cargo, albeit a reasonably profitable one, and they decide to stay on the ground and catch our breath. In the meantime, they’ve got money in our pockets—21 credits from the up-front portion of the Boros cargo pay—and we’ve got some time to kill. Rina’s up to do some shopping with Kiera—now Kiera can get that green gown she saw way back in December. If she’s lucky, it might still be there.

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