Fantasy City Project: Racial Make up and relations

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I put up the Alchemie Guild material and I'm expanding on one or two character references I placed there.

Let's 'deTolkeinize' the setting a bit. We'll still have the usual assortment of favorite races, but let's tweak them a bit. Make them a bit more memorable by breaking stereotype.

(agreed, for all races, perhaps we can create multiple sub-races within each species)

Specifically, I see elves as the bad guys here. Not inherently evil or demon worshiping or anything classifiable as absolute damnable evil, but they aren't benefactors and they don't mind if the other guy loses so long as they win. They just used to be top of the food chain hereabouts until a human/dwarven alliance shunted away a good deal of their political power. Quite a few elves remember when they had their boot on the neck of the Gnomes and the other races kowtowed to them, and they LIKED it like that.

There are certainly exceptions, noble champions and kind mentor types, but by and large elves are aristocratic, rich, old guard and expect the other (inferior) races to know their place.

Specifically, up until about 40 years ago, Gnomes were largely slaves of the Elves. The cause of this was a war dating back more than 400 years ago.

While they are not quite as strong politically in the city, they have wealth, traditional power and an old boys network dating back 3 millenia.




The three main ethnic groupings of humans are Magii-gak, Vanir and Sophantii. There is little intra-species ethnic discrimination other than a slight reluctance of non-Magii-gak to marry or have children with Magii-gak.

Humans are the second shortest lived and fastest breeding race in the city after Orcs. Longer-lived races form decades- or centuries long business, social and political links. As a substitute humans have a system of family honour designed to preserve reputation and connection through generations. Sons and daughters, especially the eldest surviving ones are expected to be follow in their father's and mother's footsteps (respectively) and act "pass on the honour to the next generation". Younger siblings are also expected to behave well but are given more latitude to take other paths.

Human society in the city is very socially conservative. Humans who leave the city and become successful are not generally censured for their unconventional behavior elsewhere, as long as it stops when they return.


Humans generally have low-paid and low-status jobs. They and face serious discrimination in government appointments, particularly from Elves. Only Orcs and Gnomes have it worse economically. The exception to general human poverty are those employed in that magic goods and services and banking industries. As a result of previous restrictions on employment which allowed them to do little else this is mostly Magii-gak.








Half Breeds