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Kristen Sobaka :: Almost a Doctor[edit]

KirstenStewartUnderwater.jpg KristenStewartUnderwater2.jpg KS underwater02.jpg

All people deserve better... even the people who would be better with a few extra holes.[edit]

Attributes d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Physical d8 || Mental d6 || Social d10 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Focus d8

Influence d8

Know d8

  • Medicine d6

Move d8

Notice d10

Operate d8

Shoot d8

Treat d10

  • Emergency Medicine d6

Untrained Skills d4[edit]

  • Craft, Drive, Fight, Fix, Fly, Labor, Move, Perform, Sneak, Survive, Throw, Trick

Distinctions/Triggers d8[edit]

Bolded Triggers are active.

Ship's Doctor - Sometimes it seems whoever came up with “First, do no harm” never had to deal with the people you have to deal with.

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Experimental Procedure: If you replace your Operate or Treat Skill with a d4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.
☑ Natural Healer: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury-based Complication.
Highlighted Skills: Know, Operate, Treat

Caring - You’ve a courage and tenacity in carin’ for others that most folk don’t. You’re the light in their darkness.

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ Heal the Wounded Heart: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s emotional or relationship-based Complication.
☐ Go the Extra Mile: While you are taking care of an incapacitated or grief-stricken character, you or that character may reroll any dice that come up 1s instead of taking Plot Points.
Highlighted Skills: Focus, Influence, Treat

Veteran of the Unification Wars - It don’t matter which side you fight on, war leaves a mark on your heart n’ soul

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Fightin' Type: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your Shoot or Fight when you’re outnumbered.
☐ War Stories: When you create an Asset or take a Complication related to a wartime flashback, step it up.
Highlighted Skills: Move, Notice, Shoot

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

  • Combat Medic Kit d8 A well-stocked kit that is used for combat wounds and and other emergency medicine.
  • Combat Medic Pin d6 A metal badge of a caduceus on a book that she earned by passing the Independent Combat Medic training. It is a touchstone for her to remind her of her training and her past, as well as a subtle way of identifying her prior allegiances when convenient.
  • A Good Soul d6 Kristen gets along with most folks, being an intentionally kind person with a pretty face.


There's no pattern to this universe, no grand design. Just the horror of an indifferent universe and the chaos of people trying to leave some sign that they were here... that they mattered. The only way to make it better at all is just... be kind.

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