Firefly: Reavers of the Rim - Episode 1

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Episode 1 :: The Kingfisher's Daughter[edit]

The crew is hired to retrieve a megacorp mogul's daughter from a border world companion guildhouse before she can embarrass the family. When the crew realizes why she is really there they instead aid her in avoiding her family. Additionally, the tong are after a wartime treasure aboard their ship.

Shio registry altered,

Gillian, Breeze, Val and Moody leave the ship.

Treat this episode as an unaired pilot.


Xuéxiào - companion compound on Highgate in the Blue Sun System


Sǐ Zi (dead sons) tong

Companion's Guild


Madame Jack - Fixer/Client

Juliette 'Jules' MacMahon - Target

Nǚ Jìsī (Priestess) Yiu Lin - Companion Guildmistress at Xuéxiào

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