Firefly: Reavers of the Rim

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Character Files/Meta Currencies[edit]

I will update the Character Table on the wiki each time I update the IC thread. Please do not update the table yourselves. I don't want anyone losing Plot Points or Big Damned Hero Dice from double subtraction.

If you feel I have forgotten to update the table or that my math is wrong, let me know OOC or DM me and I will fix it. Likewise, if I make a mistake on the Character/GM Complications/Assets lists, let me know and I'll fix it. These also get updated when I update the IC thread.

Character Role Played by EP d6 d8 d10 d12 PP
Mel Krause Captain Muskrat D1b.png 3 3 2 5
Huáng Xiùlán First Mate Kittlefish D0a.png 3 2
Mike Constantine Pilot camk4evr D1b.png 1 3
Charlie Mechanic BlackSheep D1b.png 3 1 1 1
Amber Van Horn Ship's Doc Potted Plant D0a.png 2 0
Garrett Waymire Reader/Sniper Strange Behaviour D1b.png 2 1 2
Tazwell Covington VI General Laborer Iustum D1b.png 1 3 1 7
Aaron Abernathy First Name in Guidebooks Fedifensor D1b.png 1 4
GM Shenanigans brahnamin 7

Complications and Assets[edit]

d6 d8 d10 d12

Complication [C] // *Free [F] / Scene [S] / Episode [E] / **Open [O] / GMC [G]

[C] INFAMOUS! d12+ + All
[C] Distressed Landing Strut d6 All

[F] Duìzhǎng (Honorary Triad Rank) d8 Mel
[F] Respect d8 Xiùlán
[F] Enigma d8 Charlie, Garrett
[F] Family Reputation d8 Mike, Taz
[F] Trending d8 Amber
[F] Trustworthy d8 Aaron
Use [F] assets with tong and triad personnel (Mel, Charlie, Garrett)
Use [F] assets with tong and triad security (Xiùlán)
Use [F] assets with criminal types of all walks (Aaron)
Use [F] assets with venue staff and the general public (Mike, Amber, Taz)

[S] Jaques of All Trades d8 Bel

[E] Contingency Plans d8 Aaron
[E] Special Delivery d8 Ship
[E] Security Cam Splice d8 Charlie



* Asset granted by the GM at start of play (episode long)

** SFX asset that lasts as long as relevant // GMC complication

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The Ship Herself[edit]

The Man Yanzhuan (Outrageous Fortune) is a Dakota Class Light Freighter that saw much use as an Independence aligned stockade runner during the Unification War before being captured by a Tong gang boss and put to less noble pursuits.

She was known as the Duìzhǎng du Dǔzhù (Captain's Wager) in the war, and renamed the Jiangshi (Blood Ghost) by the tong.

The crew has since had all former idents scrubbed, both wartime and criminal.

Ship Stats and Deck Plans


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Our Story So Far . . .[edit]

Click HERE for story details leading up to the start of the game as well as access to Episode Archives and Character Archives.

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Character Generation[edit]

Click HERE to make or advance your character for Firefly: Reavers of the Rim.

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Expectations/PBP House Rules[edit]

Click HERE to see Game Expectations and House Rules for this game. This section contains guidelines for Resource Bidding and PVP play for this game.

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Game Resources[edit]

Click HERE for helpful links to game threads and offsite resources.

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