Harbor District of Amber

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The Harbor District of Amber serves the main industry of the City of Amber.

Ships in the Harbor of Jeweled Amber


Port Green vale/ Port Tosa[edit]


Port Green Vale was a sleepy fishing village with a collection of aging docks servicing an active but under producing fishing industry north of the City of Amber. The region was assigned to the forces of Tosa/York and CHAD when they took service with Amber. When the forces of the Kingdoms of Tosa and York arrived,with their CHAD contingent they demolished the existing docks. They moved the local residents south and when they built their docks also built a fine new dock and buildings, including residences for 100 families in the newly renamed Port green vale south of the Port Tosa. The Ancient residents were initially enraged but became incredibly cooperative after the Tosians showed them what they intended.

The story is that Lord Fortunadas, the CHAD number two, took all of the residents of Port Green Vale to the world of Tosa and showed them a fishing village they were going to replicate to replace the one they were tearing down. They brought a duplicate of the village, stone by stone, back and placed it south of what became Port Tosa. The Villagers were delighted and are active in the Port Tosa community now.

The Port was created largely by importation of materials from Tosa and York, prefabricated, and assembled in place. The shallow draft harbor was dredged to create a deep water port able to handle ships of the line.

The Lottery[edit]

The Lottery is a long standing numbers game featuring 4 games that are run by the House Clemens

  • Numbers: Each day a number is posted at the Harbor Masters office representing fish intakes for the day, to the ounce.
  • a Monthly 50/50: Copperwing and Silverwing.
  • Bingo: The Clemens family runs a number of bingo parlors across Amber, mostly in the Harbor District. prizes are plentiful and generous.
  • Dock Call: A lottery drawn each morning to fill loading and unloading slots.

Significant Events[edit]

Battle of Port Tosa