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House Clemens is by no means a titled house in the kingdom of Amber. They are only just better then a powerful street gang. They are a public face of organized crime in Amber.

The Clemens Family has been part of the day to day business of the Harbors of Amber for centuries. Some more honestly then others dependiing on the personalities. In all the port regions from Ober to Jal there will be members of the family. They often have representatives or people in their employ in the ports across shadow. While distaff parts of the family come from generations past the current "Ruling Line" is that of Eustance Clemans, the Harbor Master of Amber. All the members tithe to this figure who represents the highest rank a member of the family has achieved.

While considered the legitimate managers of the Harbor District of Amber and also considered an organized crime family by many it must be admitted that they make the ships run, turn over the correct amount of money to the crown, and have many friends among the royal family. While Prince Benedict is polite to them, Prince Caine is a vocal friend, advocate, drinking buddy and "their guy" in court. Prince Gerard respects many aspects of them and is a hesitant supporter. Many in the Navy are on good terms with them.

The Tosa/York and CHAD forces are bitter enemies of them after Claxton Clemens initiated the Battle of Port Tosa

Members of "House Clemens"[edit]

Eustance Clemans[edit]

Eustance Clemans.jpg

The Harbor Master of Amber.

For all practical purposes the head of the Clemens family. At least he is the one who covers their bail.

"House Clemens" is a presence in the Harbor District of Amber. Somewhat like a street gang that is bordering on legitimacy.

Euatance achieved the office of Harbor Master under Oberon and there was some accord between them. He is efficient and corrupt. Friendly but cruel. Flexible but ruthless.

For the most part the operation of the Harbor is run with extreme efficiency.

Eustance stays far from the less reputable parts of the family business while maintaining the surety of his own control of the family. He is one of the few Clemens that is welcome at Court and he likes it that way.

Cornelis Clemens[edit]

Cousin of Eustance. An administrator on the docks. often the guy in the office if people eek the Harbor Master

Basil Clemens[edit]

Basil clemens.jpg

Harbor Master of Garn. A friend of Gerard, Caine and Jopin.

Leader of what he calls the Garn Clemens. He maintains that he runs a tight and legal ship. He tithes to the family and also trains the up and coming on how a legal port is run. The Garn Clemens train recruits and employees on the technical details of running the port, with an understanding that they will eventually go elsewhere and be taught how to get around the law. The recruits Basil keeps are often the best and unsurprisingly live just as well as the criminal elements of the family.

He and his family and staff are almost never involved in social activities with other parts of the family but do attend official functions with them.

Basil is the owner of several tobacco plantations in Amber and shadow, and is involved in the import and export of smoking materials.

Kail Clemens[edit]

Kail Clemens.jpg

Dock Foreman. Control of illegal shipping in Ober. A frequent tavern brawler.

Clayton "Claxton" Clemens[edit]

Claxton Clemens.jpg

A major leader of a distaff family line. Big, mean, demanding, and reasonably stupid about things. He is often the muscle overseeing the extortion business. If there is a Godfather of the illegal side of the family business then Claxton is it.

He received a stunning rebuke by initiating the battle of Port Green Vale/ Port Tosa.[[1]]

Battle of Port Tosa

Ambrose Clemens[edit]


Dock worker, thought to be slow, might just be dumb. Incredibly strong, but a poor brawler. Often in trouble with the law for dumb reasons. One of the only family members that does occasional work for Ashanti Clemens in the royal moorage.

Judith Clemens [edit]


Wife of Eustance, mother of Lara

Lara Clemens[edit]


Acts as Eustance’s secretary in many ways. Involved in the business of the Harbormaster. Takes not a crap from ships officers and crews who misunderstand her role in the Harbor Office. Has degrees from Fantalin in business, law, & wildlife management. Has her own cadre of toughs if she needs someone "talked to"

Ashanti Clemens[edit]

Ashanti Clemens.jpg

Mistress of the Royal Moorage. Sister of Clemens.

Ashanti has a long history with the royal family and the rest of the family, except for her brother, stay far away from her. She has been responsible for turning over several members of the family to royal justice, including a brother and a nephew who were eventually both executed centuries ago. The betrayal of the family has kept her at a distance. The under-the-table Clemens business stays far away from the Royal Moorage.

She owns a fine but small yacht that she frequently sails and otherwise lives on, that moors next to the dock office.. Her rules for any vessel in the Royal Moorage is that she is allowed to sail them. She is taught any particularities of the crafts and knows who is allowed to visit, use, or live on the crafts.

Many of the harbor staff are members of the Amber military in good standing serving either will still in the military or after a term of service. they are scrupulously legal.


North Riding[edit]


Port Green Vale/Port Tosa[edit]

The village is notable to the Clemens family because of the battle initiated by Claxton Clemans.

Battle of Port Tosa

Port Garn[edit]

Traditionally Garn was a small city at the tip of the continent of Amber before Patternfall. Mostly rich estates and a series recreational marina. Retirement communities for Amber's sailors and soldiers.

The Port was built to house a far larger navy then Amber has even maintained in preparation for new threats. Three separate naval bases are in the region as well as 23 separate naval facilities for Golden Circle kingdoms.

Despite the size of military ports the majority of harbor space was for merchant shipping. Vast amounts commerce occurs in Garn and the harbor Master's office in Garn is probably the most law abidding one in the Clemens control; something to allow them to point to as evidence of their good service to the kingdom.

Port Jal[edit]