Infinity: For Whom the StormWeeps: Lottie

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Guz Notes Lifepath

Charlotte Murakami


Faction: ALEPH
Heritage: Minor Nations
Homeworld: Earth

Lifestyle: Elite
Earnings: 5 (Assets = 3)

Languages: English, Yujingyu

Character Traits

  • No Good Secrets: Lottie is a free information advocate. This may seem odd for a covert operative, but she is a firm believer in the primacy of ALEPH. Free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. And the less secrets kept from ALEPH, the safer the human sphere becomes.
  • IQ-doppelganger: a hosting 'accident' resulted in a backup of Lottie being sleeved in a second LHost. In effect, there are 'two' Lotties at large.
  • Phantom Memories: whether a cube accident, a side-effect of her transhuman nature, or the memories of her doppelganger somehow syncing with her own neural cloud, Lottie sometimes experiences memories that aren't her own...


Infinity Points: 4/4

Bonus Damage
Infowar (Intelligence) +3
Psywar (Personality) +3
Melee (Brawn)
Ranged (Awareness) +4(+1)
STRESS Current
Max Soak
16 (15+1)
Armour ~ Wound [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Resolve 13 (13) Morale 3CD Metanoia [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Firewall 17 (17) Security 3+4CD Breach [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Cashflow 13 (13) Earnings 5 Shortfall [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
ARMOUR Head Chest Arms Legs BTS
Naked 1 1 1 1 3
Armoured Clothing 1 2 2 2 3
Khafiin 3 4 4 4 4

Attributes and Skills

Acrobatics 3/1 Analysis 2/1 Athletics 0/0 Ballistics 3/1 Education 2/1 Animal Handling 0/0 Discipline 1/0
Close Combat 0/0 Extraplanetary 0/0 Resistance 0/0 Pilot 0/0 Hacking 4/1 Command 0/0
Stealth 4/2 Observation 3/2 Spacecraft 0/0 Medicine 0/0 Lifestyle 3/1
Survival 0/0 Psychology 2/0 Persuade
Thievery 2/0 Science 0/0
Tech 0/0


Name Range Damage Burst Size Qualities Ammo
Tonfa Bangles R 1+7CD - 1H Concealed 2, Parry 1 (or 2 w/ dual wield) -
Smart MULTI Pistol R/C 1+9CD 2/1 Unb Expert 1; Light MULTI*; Vicious 1 Standard/Special*
Spitfire M 1+10 3 2H Spread 2, Unsubtle Standard
Nanopulser C 1+5CD 1 1H Biotech, Subtle 3, Torrent, Vicious 2 (implanted) -
Name Reloads Type Qualities
Armour Piercing 6 Standard Piercing 2
Stun 1 Standard Biotech, Non-lethal, Stun
Banshee 2 Special Area (Close), Deafening, Non-lethal, Stun, Terrifying 3
Smoke Grenade 3 Grenade Disposable, Indiscriminate (Close), Non-lethal, Speculative Fire, Smoke 2, Thrown
Name Type Armour Soak BTS Qualities
Head Torso Arm Leg
Armoured Clothing Civilian 0 1 1 1 0 Hidden Armour 2, TO-Camo, Kinematica
Khafiin Powered 2 3 3 3 1 Comms, Exo-Skeleton 1, Self-Repairing, Collapsable



  • Graceful

You may re-roll 1d20 when making an Acrobatics test.


  • Pattern Recognition

You may re-roll 1d20 when making an Analysis test.


  • Marksman

When making a ranged attack, a character may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the number of Ballistic talents they have acquired (2).

  • Clear Shot

Reduce the penalty for firing at a range other than the weapon's optimal range by one step (to a minimum of zero).


  • Scout

You may re-roll 1d20 when making a Stealth test.

  • Quantronic Static

While hacking, any momentum spent to add dice to a Stealth test adds 2d20 instead of 1d20.


  • Hacker

When making an Infowar attack, you may re-roll damage dice equal to the number of Hacking talents obtained (4).

  • Tricks of the Trade

You may re-roll 1d20 when making a Hacking test.

  • Phisher

When making a Fake ID, the resulting ID gains +1 to its rating.

  • Piggyback

When initiating a remote hack, you gain a special pool of 4 momentum which can be spent on tests made to access your target, and also when gaining or improving the quality of authentication.


Device Claw Sword Shield Gadget IC Upgrades
Hacking Device Plus 2 1 2 3 2 Cybermask, Sucker Punch, White Noise
Type Programme Damage Qualities
CLAW-1 Gotcha! 1+5CD BE
CLAW-2 Overlord 1+5CD BE
CLAW-2 Oblivion 1+6CD BE
SWORD-1 Slasher 2+8CD Vicious 2
SHIELD-1 Exorcism - Special
SHIELD-2 Breakwater - Special
GADGET-1 Fairy Dust - Supportwear (long)
GADGET-1 Lockpicker - Supportwear (personal)
IC-2 Countermeasures - IC


  • CLAW-1 Gotcha!: on a successful attack, 2 momentum can be spent to grant the attack the immobilising quality.
  • CLAW-1 Overlord: on a successful attack, 1 momentum can be spent to inflict a special Breach Effect that forces the target's system to execute one command.
  • CLAW-2 Oblivion: on a successful attack, 2 momentum can be spent to create a special Breach Effect which forces all of the target's equipment into dumb mode (disabling Comms gear and inflicting +1 difficulty to tests using all other non-hackable equipment).


  • SWORD-1 Slasher: Slasher cannot inflict Breaches and has no effect if the target has no firewall remaining.


  • SHIELD-1 Exorcism: the programme grants a reaction whenever a Breach Effect is used to issue a command to the user's system. If the user succeeds at a face-to-face Hacking test against the hacker attempting to issue the command, it is ignored and the Breach Effect is immediately removed (though the Breach itself remains).
  • SHIELD-2 Breakwater: when the user of Breakwater makes a Defence of Guard Reaction using their Hacking skill, they inflict +2 difficulty to the opponent's attack test.


  • GADGET-1 Fairy Dust: when activated the user makes a Simple (D0) Hacking test. All allies within Long range gain +1CD Interference Soak per Momentum spent (to a maximum of 5).
  • GADGET-1 Lockpicker: when hacking a non-mobile target within Reach in a combat zone, Hacking tests are made at -1 difficulty.


  • Cybermask: This program proactively subverts enemy identification protocols, sensors, and visualisation systems, creating a multi-layered quantronic illusion of falsified data and feeds, along with a holographic projection that matches the user’s movements. Activating the Cybermask is a Standard Action requiring a Hacking (D1) test. Once activated, anyone who looks at the user, or any system that checks the character’s comlog for identity—including the friend-or-foe systems used by military and security forces, access gateways, and IC—sees the false holographic image and data halo instead. A more thorough check (by another character, or by an AI system) requires a face- to-face Analysis (D1) or Observation (D3) test, though the difficulty can increase depending on the false imprint’s quality. Success exposes the imprint as a fake.
  • Sucker Punch: Using EI-derived viral memetics and stimuli libraries from aquatic species beyond the Human Sphere, this software payload can cripple enemy infowarriors. On a successful attack against a character using equipment with the Neural quality, 1 Momentum can be spent to inflict physical damage instead of quantronic damage. If a Defence or Guard Reaction is used against an attack made with Sucker Punch, the defence tests are made at +1 difficulty.
  • White Noise: This upgrade adds the White Noise zone effect to the hacker’s current zone. As a Standard Action, the hacker can attempt a Simple (D0) Hacking test to expand the range of the White Noise, adding one additional zone per Momentum spent.


Base adjustments: -1 Brawn|Willpower, +1 Agility|Coordination

Bodhisattva Lhost


  • Inured to Disease: immunity to the effects and symptoms of disease. Does not prevent being a carrier.
  • Keen Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell): reduces the difficulty of Observation tests using the listed senses by two steps.
  • Night Vision: darkness does not increase the difficulty of Tests.
  • Quantronic Jump: represents the ability to jump from one Quantronic receptacle (such as an Lhost or remote) to another.
  • Superhuman (Agility|Awareness|Brawn) 1: 1 automatic success in the listed attributes. Potentially increases damage bonus and stress totals (pg.418).
  • +1 Armour Soak to all locations.
  • +2 BTS

Upaya: extensive bio-architectural optimisation grants +4 to Brawn

Virya: High-bandwidth immersion in the Maya datasphere widens one's perspective, providing +3 Morale and +2 Security Soak while connected.


  • Cube 2.0
  • Multithreaded Consciousness Adaptation
  • Nanopulser
  • Neural Comlog
  • Attribute Augmentation (Silk) x3 [full-body augmentation, +1 to all attributes per augmentation]
  • Nannie-Pump (cyberwear) [+1 BTS, +1 Resolve] - Aug, Comms