Llurryn Cwll

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Llurrryn Cwll
Class Warrior-Sorcerer
Level 4/4(Hero/ )
Experience Points 32000
Total Hit Points 20
Armor Class 3 (Elf Mail, Cloak)
Movement 9/6" (Without/With big pack)
11 16 7 10 13 9
+0 +2 -1 +0 +1 +0
Item Location Notes
Silver Dagger Right Hand 1d4 Damage
PollAxe +1 Left Hand 1d12 +1 Damage Elf Mail Body
Cloak Protection +2 Body '
' Body '
Throwing dagger Belt Sometimes Right Hand
' Belt Sometimes Left Hand
Backpack Back Food and Water
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '

       Item           ENC    

- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

Llurynn Cwll - Red Elf Warrior/Sorcerer, lately from the East

  • Str 11
  • Dex 10
  • Con 13 [+1]
  • Int 16 [+2]
  • Wis 7 [-1]
  • Cha 9
  • Lvl: 4/4
  • HP: 20
  • Move 9"/6" [Enc 5/10]

A male elf from the Enclave [originally] who had spent the last few years away in the East, living on the shore of the Great Bay with another enclave. . Despite being away for six years in the Wilderlands , Llurr had been anxious to return and try and turn the enclaves' fortunes around with his new magics and fighting experience. Instead, he discovered that others had begun a far grander process. He has set out to meet these new liberators, with an aim to an alliance of some sort.

Llurr is brash, despite his intelligence and prone to heroics, whatever the circumstance. He follows his own simple code of 'do as you would want others to do' and tries to be forthright and honest. Of course, this lands him in constant trouble, often to his own bewilderment.


  • Wilderness Lore - Living off the Land
  • Scouting and Ambuscade - Wilderness fighting
  • Multiple attacks on lesser foes
  • Two handed weapons speciality.
  • Immune to Fear, Morale Boost.

Spells; [+2 Casting Bonus]

  • 1st: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic
  • 2nd: ESP, Phantasmal Force, Web.

Equipment [base] ENC

  • Two handed Pollaxe +1 2
  • Elven Chain AC5 1
  • Cloak of Protection +2 0?
  • Silver Dagger 1
  • Backpack 1
  • Mirror
  • 1 weeks rations
  • Waterskin

Big Pack [campaigning] 1

  • Torches 6 1
  • Flint and Steel
  • Shortbow,Quiver, 20 Arr 2
  • Hand Axe 1


Oddone the [young adult] Ogre

  • S 18
  • D 10
  • C 10
  • I 8
  • W 8
  • Ch 7

Oddone is the survivor of a brutal war between Easterners and his tribe. Left for dead after his home clan was slaughtered, he encountered Llurr when the Elf was riding the Eastern borders and came looking for the source of smoke and circling ravens. The enraged ogre attacked Llurr, who managed to charm him before Oddone split his skull with a club. A necessity slowly became something more as the two dodged Easterner outriders and warparties to get to safer lands. Oddone learned that the elf had nothing to do with the attack on his people and Llurr learned some uncomfortable truths about his own attitudes to Ogres and their kind. When they wee finally safe, Llurr freed Oddone from his spell and apologised to the ogre. Oddone surprised the elf by suggesting they remain companions.

Now, they have returned to Llurr's homeland. Oddone is a striking figure in his human made metal armour and wields a Bllhook with growing proficiency, though he reverts to his spiked club when he gets his dander up.