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Physical Description

Dressing in a simple black suit for most occassions, it is less a concession to fashion than a mere act of simplicity. A pair of black leather gloves and a threaded shoes are his concessions to continuing necessity. A sturdy looking long blade hands at his side, silvered down to the pommel. A swarthly looking Italian man who might had been handsome once, before time and life had taken their toll. The most noticable scar is a pair of scars that run down his scalp, through his right eye which is a milky white, and further down to the edge of his lip.


Malcolm is a study in contradictions. A cousin of the more famous merchant princes of Venice, he was a man of talents and wit. He ran his business with a ruthless efficiency that would have been called a de'Medici family trait if anyone had dared to speak of it and in truth had this been the whole of the man, he would have made an excellent Venture or Losambi. But by trade, he dealt in weapons and wars. At first it was simply the traffic of the time, but more he found it both preferable and expedent to take a hand in encourage revolts and rebellions. After a while, he became known as a man to speak to if you wished for a succesful revolution. And in this, he fell into the company of a rather unusual Brujah. His sire was a man of many talents, a soldier of ideals rather than fortune. He needed Malcolm's money and connections to fund a rebellion that was growing in the light of the Reformation. The fact that he was also a master swordsman and an accomplished duelist was hardly beyond consideration as well.

Malcolm's embrace was less a matter of concent and more on of expedience. In truth, Malcolm was unaware of his sire's nature until it became almost too late to resist. Even so, buried a dagger in the man's guts to try and free himself. Imagine Malcolm's suprise when the man didn't die and instead came on. The first few days tainted with an extreme hunger and repeated feedings. Knowing the Malcolm would harbor resentment for the way he was about to use him, a blood bound was attempted. More's the pity for him that it didn't work. Once the intial shock had warn off and the rules had been explained, Malcolm came to accept his unlife and became something of a soldier in the last days of the Anarchist's Revolt. It wasn't until years later that he was able to gut his sire and leave him in a burning building to die, resting back control of his holdings.

Since then, Malcolm has drifted from court to court, gaining influence and serving as both Scourge and Sheriff. He has gained in influence, reputation, and scars fighting things are it is necessary that he fight. Rumor has it that the scar that covers part of his face was the last blow of a Lupine who he had run through, and it goes onto say that he had a necklace made of the teeth and claws which he gave to one of his favored childre. Part merchant prince, part old soldier, Malcolm finds himself as one of the last true humanists. He believes in humanity and their potential for great change. One of the few kindred seriously considering space travel and other notions of science fiction, Malcolm has kept current with the help of retainers and spending time with the neophytes amongst his clan.

Malcolm's vast holdings within the city include a number of private hospitals, biomedical research facilities, and most importantly blood banks. He has control over many of the facilities that the Red Cross uses and over the organization itself as a significant private donor. This provides him a regular and significant supply of blood, especially those samples that would otherwise be destroyed to contamination or failing criteria. Under the guise of blood toxicity and other research, these are redirected to him for his own use or for him to pass out to a few of the more party minded among the neophytes. Unlike most of the elders in his postion, he prides himself on being approachable if only because he believes he could kill them to the man if necessary. He enjoys his relationship with the blood bank, viewing it as a step towards Carthige in a way and freeing him from the necessity of hunting. When he decides a hunt is in order, he looks for scum. People that the world would be better off without but have otherwise escaped man's justice. He knows he is not much better than they, but the idea of doing a "public service" is one that appeals.

Character Sheet

A bit above freebee calculation: Loyal Child in town is a 3 dot Merit but due to Elder Generation 2 FBs were "freed".
Maybe working a bit on the Allies/Retainer/Contacts corner would round that out ?
Amsterdam by Night
Name Malcolm de'Medici Player Toras
Concept Merchant Prince turned Revolutionary Clan Brujah
Nature Visonary Demeanor Judge Generation 6th
Physical (6) Social (4) Mental (8)
●●○○○ Strength ●●●○○ Charisma ●●●○○ Perception
●●●●● Dexterity (Swift) ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●●●○ Intelligence (Creative)
●●○○○ Stamina ●○○○○ Appearance ●●●●○ Wits (Ambushes)
Talents (20) Skills (12 +4fb) Knowledge (8 + 2fb)
●●●○○ Alertness ●●○○○ Drive ●○○○○ Academics
●●●○○ Athletics ●●○○○ Etiquette ●○○○○ Computer
●○○○○ Brawl ●○○○○ Firearms ●●●●○ Finance
●●●○○ Dodge ●●●●● Melee ●○○○○ Linguistics (German, Italian)
●●●○○ Intimidation ●○○○○ Security ●○○○○ Medicine
●●●○○ Leadership ●●●○○ Stealth ●○○○○ Science
●○○○○ Streetwise
●●●○○ Subterfuge
Virtues (7+4fb) Disciplines (5/2 +28fb) Derived
●●○○○ Conscience ●●●●● Celerity Humanity ●●●●● ●○○○○
●●●●● Self-Control ●●●○○ Fortitude Willpower ●●●●● ●●●●●
●●●●● Courage ●●●○○ Potence Blood Pool 30 / 6 per Turn
Backgrounds (4/15+9fb) Merits (10pts) Flaws (6pts)
●●●●○ Elder Generation ●●○○○ Blush of Health ●○○○○ Cast No Reflection
●○○○○ Age ●○○○○ Reputation ●●●○○ Hunted like a Dog [Sabbat]
●●●●○ Status (Primogen) ●○○○○ Sabbat Survivor ●●○○○ One Eye
●●●●● ● Resources (Vast Holdings) ●●●○○ Unbondable
●●●●● ● Influence (Medical) ●●●○○ Childe, loyal
●●●●○ Contacts
●●●○○ Retainers



  • no details considered wide spread of low influence dudes


  • Accountant/Financial Representative
  • Home Guard
  • Manservant

Merits & Flaws

Childe, loyal
Hope is my youngest Childer, and the only one still on the continent. Unlike what her name implies, she is a superb warrior and one I am grooming for the position of Scourge once she is ready. In truth I dote on her and she on me, though we know that it is will last so long I remain stronger than she. But for now, she is my loyal daughter.
Other Childer (Dead or disconnected)
Of the twenty plus that I have made over my unlife only 8 are still alive that I am aware of. One is in London, two are in New York, 1 is in South America, and 2 are in China. The last I do not know where he is, but occasionally he calls so we keep in touch.