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Influenced by: Talon, Jackal

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A game of teenage superheroes using Magpie Games' Masks: a New Generation, GM'd by DannyK


The Menagerie


Ms. Lopez -- Jackal's mom. An unsung hero and a damn good cook.

Wendy Rogers -- city councilwoman, doesn't like teen heroes in general and Black Cat in particular. "Shouldn't you be in school?"



Golden Age Hero who is also Sleepwalker's Nemesis and thinks they are everything that's wrong with Halcyon City today. Maybe he should be under villains.

Dragon Talon's mentor

Emptiness Whisper's master in the shadow detective legacy

Silence Whisper's master, now retired but still ornery

The Exemplars, Halcyon's Greatest Golden Age Heroes [Disbanded under bad terms]

  • Floodlight: See above
  • Emptiness: See above
  • Golden Age Black Cat: The protector of Goldville, gone missing lo these many years
  • The Haunt: A ghostly avenger type. Rarely seen in public any more.


Athame The first villain the Menagerie fought together as a team. Supposedly a human slave of the Pit fighting in the Sphere Wars.

Compagnons du Danse de Paradis Decadent French intellectual bastards. They created Revenant as their slave-messiah. It didn't work out... or did it?

Followers of Ama-tsu-Mikaboshi, the August Northern Star, Divine Lord of the Middle Heavens, etc. Chaos-worshippers who like both occult and regular violence just fine, thank you, as a way of bringing about their goals. They raised Talon to be their pet terror. It didn't work out, because Dragon rescued her.


Coyote Jackal's dad. Kind of a jerk.

Super Teen Observation Project A joint task force of Halcyon City PD and AEGIS. Their motto: "STOP villainy before it starts!"


Goldville In the Golden Age, this was an area of stately mansions and nice row houses; in the Bronze Age, it got run down due to street crime and slumlords and these days it's a mixed area with a lot of immigrants, some nice and some sketchy areas, and the threat of gentrification. It's not too far from Halcyon General Hospital downtown and lots of nurses and orderlies live here in Goldville with their families.

Halcyon General The public hospital in Halcyon City, with a big emergency room, trauma wards and psychiatric wards to help the citizens of Halcyon City patch themselves back together after villains strike. There's a smattering of superscience and healing magic in use, enough to make it a house of hope and healing for the whole city even though it looks old and gothic.

Eisner High The high school where many of the heroes attend school when they're feeling up to it. It's a special school for kids with special gifts, special challenges, and the "doubly special" who have both, along with some of the children of the rich and powerful, the ones who don't go to the private Kirby Academy uptown.

Stats Reference


Influenced By:

Labels: Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1


Influenced By:

Labels: Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1


Influenced by: Talon, Jackal

Labels: Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1


Influenced By:

Labels: Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1


Influenced By:

Labels: Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1