Mei Mei

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The Mei Mei was once the noteworthy pleasure transport Borderland Express.

  • Dimensions 50Wx175Lx40H
  • Tonnage: 900 tons
  • Speed Class: 5 cruise/ No Hard Burn
  • Crew: 6
  • Fuel Capacity: 18 tons (600 Hours)
  • Cargo Capacity: 50 tons in 2 standard cargo containers, plus an additional 20 tons throughout.
  • Passengers:
    • 4 first class staterooms
    • 4 second class accommodations.
  • Agility d2
  • Strength d4
  • Vitality d10
  • Alertness d4
  • Intelligence d4
  • Willpower d4
  • Initiative d4+d4
  • Life 8
  • Pilot d2, Perception d4, Perform d2
  • Slow Throttle (Major)
  • Complexity: Very Low
  • Price: 18,000
  • Maintenance Cost: 720 (60/month)
  • Gear: 1 half container Weapons System, Mule, 2 escape pods


The Borderland Express was a high stake gambling craft that plied the route from Bellerophon, to Persephone and onto Paquin. It had a reputation as a deceptively luxurious vessel hidden inside the plain frame of Kuiper I class transport. Its crew skimmed a small fortune off the winnings of some of the 'Verse's greatest gamblers. In the summer of 2520 the vessel was intercepted and hijacked by a crew of desperate pirates led by Captain Collington and his engineer wife, the original crew was killed. Collington and his pirates, used most of the original proceeds from the hijacking to buy weapons systems and specialized cargo holds. They then engaged in a complex plot of human trafficking. It is believed that the intended some of the passengers and would be employees to serve in the sex trade, others as slave labor, and perhaps others as indentured servants out on the Rim. Their primary destination for these was to be the Kalidasa system on the Rim where such practices are more common. Collington and his crew were stopped by the crew of Summer's Gift and the ship deemed salvage and was transferred to their hands. Rechristened "Mei Mei" the ship is registered as property of Morningstar Shipping(Angel).

Lower Deck is the crew deck and has access (the only access) to the Bridge from the central stair, and to Engineering through a small hatch. Not the best arrangement, but it increases security on the ship.
The Crew Area contains four small berths that can be converted to double occupancy, and two larger rooms for officers. It also contains a private lounge, with efficiency kitchen, and head.
The main galley is on this deck with a dumb-waiter to transfer food up to the saloon/casino. Cargo and storage on this deck hide the single weapons pod.
The upper deck consists of the spacious saloon/casino, four first class suites, and four second class suites. The saloon and first class suites are lined with windows and sky lights permitting beautiful views in flight or on land. These can be tinted to block all light. Although the bridge and engineering are on the upper deck, they are not accessible from the main areas.
The saloon/casino has ten gaming tables which can be combined, or stowed for transport. The tables are usually set up when the Mei Mei is planetside, and stowed for flight, when only a few tables are set up for the passengers. These double as dining tables during flight.

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