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==Player Characters==
==Player Characters==
===[[PurgatoryHigh:Lottie|Charlotte "Lottie" Primrose]]===
===[[PurgatoryHigh:Lottie|Charlotte "Lottie" Primrose]]===
*Condition: Freaked Out
===Rowan Grace===
===Rowan Grace===
*Dropped Out
===[[Purgatory_High:_Savannah_White|Savanah 'Snow' White]]===
===[[Purgatory_High:_Savannah_White|Savanah 'Snow' White]]===

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Purgatory High

What happens when you die? What happens to Monsters? In this case, they end up in High School in Purgatory.

Player Characters[edit]

Charlotte "Lottie" Primrose[edit]

  • Condition: Freaked Out


Rowan Grace[edit]

  • Dropped Out

Savanah 'Snow' White[edit]

  • Condition:Haunted


The School's Headmistress[edit]

  • Not Hot according to Rowan


  • School bully who has set sights on harassing Mellisa

Miss Operton[edit]

  • Physical education teacher

Andrew Jove[edit]

Miss Primrose[edit]

  • Botany?


  • Bully, Fanatic

Oliver Green[edit]

  • Head of Year Book


  • Missing Student


  • Lottie and Charlie's Dorm
    • 7 floors, no one in the top floor, basement level
  • Mellisa's dorm
    • Has a rope that goes up to roof
  • Savanah's Dorm
    • Sketches on room's walls
  • Rowan's Dorm
    • Room second floor right next to staircase, small, single bed
  • Cafeteria
    • Has a best table
  • Old Clock Tower
    • Clock does not work
    • A beekeeper lives there??
  • Green Houses
    • Miss Primrose's territory
  • Track/Sports Fields and Bleachers with creepy change room

Game Notes[edit]

  • The Bell of the Church Rings at night
    • The front gate opens
    • Cars arrive
    • People get out and meet the Headmistress
      • Lottie gets note with small gold and jet bee sculpture
        • Note suggests bee comes from clocktower
      • Melisa finds and envelope with three black and white photos
        • One photo shows her on the room
      • Rowan gets a pair of scissors and a map
      • Savanah find a bottle of blood and whisky and a map
        • She drinks it, blood and whisky are good
    • come morning cars and people are gone
  • Students Go Missing
    • Several students disappeared in the night
    • A new student named Andrew Jove shows up and is very popular
    • Darren attacks Mellisa in cafeteria
      • Mellisa cuts him down with words
      • Andrew takes him down with violence
    • Snow follows a strange drawing she did to the clock tower
      • She hears a buzzing from within & enters
      • She find a metal bee and then meets a bee keeper in the stairs up the clock tower
      • Then Miss Operton Shows up and chases her away
    • Lottie goes down the the locker room to look into the disappearance of Teagen
      • Down at the lockers spooky stuff happens
      • She end up working in the green house with Miss Primrose
      • Gets jumped by Caleb and his gang
      • Run with mysterious cloaked figures
    • Melisa and Rowan go to the old broken spider infested fountain (Player left)
    • Mellisa goes and tries to find out what might have happened.
      • Talks to Oliver of the year books to try to get pictures of the previous night
      • Meets Andrew Jove in the room of a missing student
    • Snow returns to the school and goes into the room of a missing student to try to learn what happened to her
      • Ends up drawing a picture of the missing girl in a military uniform