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I'm "Noise" — fun-loving anarchist that's a living amplifier. I generate loud volumes of raw noise and use it as a weapon. Hate authority. Love destroying stuff, especially fragile and expensive stuff (like computers and cars).

Bringing it all down with nothing but sound, baby! Nothing but SOUND!

Yeah, I used to be one of them — clockpunching drones of the man, wasting away my life. But after I went to go see "Gratuitous Carnage" in concert, it all changed. I got some sort of dose of super sound in me and it's stayed — I AM the sound now, baby. The noise! That's me!

Bringing it all down with the power of sound, man. Nothing but sound! Everyone hears me coming but nothing they can do. Can't stop the noise... just can't stop me. Wherever I go, I bring it down hard against the man. no clock punching for me. no wasting my life. No more man telling me what to do. Especially no damn fish man, damn straight. I bring the noise loud and hard on whoever gets in my way. It's my life now and nobody gonna push me around no more. That includes you too... you got me?

Every since the concert, computers and machines don't like me much... but that's okay. I don't like them neither. it's mutual. Computers and cameras and cars — the more things you own, the more things own you. I heard that in a movie once. I liked it. It was a cool movie.