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When Necromunda was originally published, it was referred to as Confrontation and was more heavily RPG based than what it would become. White Dwarf had articles detailing this RPG game set in the popular Games Workshop universe of Warhammer 40,000. Many Necromunda gamers have turned to these old publications and played with their own ideas to roleplay in a Necromunda setting. This project is devoted to these aspects, as well as any background aspects of the Necromunda setting since it can directly lend itself to the RPG setting for Necromunda.

At the moment, there are some links to resources for Necromunda: Confrontation available on the web. This project is open to all. The more people involved, the better. In the future, a primary objective is to the official contents duplicated here, as well as unofficial contents here as well instead of simply links.

Sister Projects[edit]

Necromunda Confrontation is the sister project of The Necromunda Name Project and The Necromunda Gang Registry. Its parent site is Project: Necromunda.

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External links[edit]

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Ye-Olde-Necro Yahoo! Group The file directory in this Yahoo! group contains direct scans of the Confrontation rules published by White Dwarf.

Project: Necromunda Contains a page of links for Necromunda RPG.

Contact Project: Necromunda[edit]

To contact the originator of this project, Project: Necromunda (Stewart N. Thorpe), leave a message here.