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Neutral Good Angelforged cleric 7/artificer 7

Personality: He was made to be a field medic, which means that he generally spends most of his time either sorting his materials, or healing the wounded. As such, he's generally not seen outside of his medical area too often. Also, no one has ever heard him speak, nor do they even know if he can any more. Nevertheless, people can't stop themselves from seeing him as an old man at heart (hence calling Patch "he"), and most people try and consider him a friend, because it's always good to be friends with the resident medic, especially this near the Mournlands.

Physical description: v1: Physically, he seems to be in a good amount of disrepair, parts of him having apparently just rusted away or been torn off, to later be replaced by whatever metal was on hand-hence, the name. His parts also are old and worn, though still usable. In fact, he is possibly one of the oldest warforged from the war currently active, at well over 50, which is all others can tell about his age. He is generally seen with a small collection of homunculi at any time. He generally wears white.

v2: During the Factory 5 incident, Patch hacked into the lab and, while in control, upgraded his appearance. He currently looks like Ratchet from the Transformers movie.

v3: He has upgraded again, now looking like War Machine (see Marvel comics)

v4: He has fused with Othalun, becoming an angelforged, which makes him look like Anubis from Zone of the Enders. His weaponry includes a +1 returning spear, four chains that come out of his right knuckles, taser arm, and the ability to form deadly blasts (takes out all of his previous wands). His other powers are currently teleportation, messaging, and a reservoir of angelic knowledge thanks to Othalun.

History: Actually one of the first fully sentient warforged made by house Cannith, he was designed to support his fellow troops as the medic. As such, he has witnessed more death and pain than any being should, including the deaths of his siblings. Some time during the war, he just stopped talking, though its unknown if it was due to mental trauma, a wound that disabled his communications abilities, or simply that it gave out over time, but he hasn't talked to anyone since then, instead taking to communicating with his chalkboard. That includes when he first came here, a few years ago.

Edit: He has recently admitted that he doesn't talk by choice.

Communication: For the most part, the use of smilies is the new norm, because it really does capture him well. When actual words are needed, a chalk board or a humunculus labeled Voice Box works well.

Known relatives: Chantal/Thirteen (neice), the other humanforged (neices), the Lord of Blades (brother), Twister (brother), Red Queen (sister, deceased), Zeke (brother), Aurra (adopted daughter, deceased), Maya (adopted daughter), Yithala (adopted daughter, deceased)

Supporting cast: Othalun (hound archon, now only appears in "in his head" moments), AR-2 (homunculus), assortment of other homunculi

Shadows over Cyre