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These spells were taken from a previous Harry Potter game with permission from that game's GM. If any of the below spells are your unique creation that you do not want used in this game, let me know and I'll take it down.

Otherwise, this is the spot for player-created spells if you have one you want to add to the kerfuffle.

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Charms and Conjuration

Bat-Summoning Spell

Incantation: Nyctalus Noctula

Creator: Unknown

This spell summons a large swarm of bats in order to harass an opponent.

Bloodhound Charm

Incantation: Where dat boy/girl dun get to?

Creator: Montrose La Croix

Part ritual, part spell. This charm produces a spectral bloodhound for the purposes of tracking down an intended target. Note: This charm requires the use of a personal possession of the subject being tracked.

Close Magical Portal Charm

Incantation: Claude Ostium

Creator: Unknown

This spell can close a magical portal.

Duplication Spell

Incantation: Multitudo Nobis

Creator: Unknown

This spell can create up to nine identical copies of the target.

Fireworks-Summoning Spell

Incantation: Periculum Multitudo

Creator: Unknown

This spell creates a barrage of prismatic pyrotechnics.

Fog-Summoning Spell

Incantation: Nimbosum Obscurus

Creator: Unknown

This spell creates patches of dense, pea soup fog which can be combined to blanket entire areas.

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Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses

Drain Spell

Incantation: Adficio

Creator: Gordon?

This spell drains power sources. Used to drain batteries of gear of attackers of the circus.

Wind-Making Spell

Incantation: Ventus

Creator: Unknown

This spell creates a forceful blast of air from the end of the wand.

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Spectral-Transformation Spell

Incantation: Espirityèl

Creator: Unknown

This is a dark spell, first used by the Vodouisants of Haiti, which temporarily renders the caster or living target incorporeal by infusing their body with ectoplasmic energies, thus drawing them partially into the spirit realm. Note: It is strongly recommended to not maintain this spell for a duration longer than three heartbeats.

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Uncertain Category

Binding Spell

Incantation: Relligo

Creator: Gordon?

This spell bind together communication and awareness. Used to bind Gordon to Bohb and the circus's leystones.

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