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The list of parents/guardians will primarily be player defined and will be people from the PC's lives apart from Hogwarts.

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  • Forsythia Quimby née Yaxley (Primrose' Mother) Interrogator, Department of Magical Law Enforcement
  • Hollister Quimby (Primrose' Father) Keeper for the Caerphilly Catapults, Retired
  • Lucretia Rosier (Dunstan's Mother) Socialite
  • Roderick Rosier (Dunstan's Father) Whereabouts Unknown

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  • Lora Orielis (Hekate's Mother) Auror
  • Robert MacGarry (Hekate's Dad) Noted Broom Maker
  • Olivia Shaw (Malcolm's Mum) British Delegate to the ICW
  • Derick Shaw (Malcolm's Dad) Owlet Trainer for the Post Service

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  • Simon Keane (Gillian's Father) Pureblood Irish Wizard, International Magical Materials Broker
  • Melinda Knopf (Gillian's Mother) Muggleborn American, Portkey Specialist/Travel Agent
  • Name
  • Name

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  • Willow Whatley (Lance's Mother) Potion Mistress Extraordinaire
  • Clinton Whatley (Lance's Father) Muggle Tech Guy

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