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RPGnet City of Heroes: Homecoming Resources

(Copied from RPGnet CoX Resources page from the original servers)

First and foremost, join the "RPGnet" channel in order to be able to chat with the rest of us, no matter what server you're on. To join, either right click on a chat tab and choose "join channel", or use the command:

/chanjoin RPGnet

A lot of people use binds to make it so that when they press a key (the "." key in the example below), they can just start typing and have the text go to the rpgnet channel.


/bind . "beginchat /send rpgnet "

/bind . "beginchat /send rpgnet [$name $level Ever+] "


Supergroup Server Description Meeting Time Base Passcode
The Young Paragons Everlasting Youth oriented hero Super Group Thursdays 8PM EST KIDS-754
The Liberty Legion Everlasting General hero Super Group (None yet) HERO-704
The Lethal Legion Everlasting General villain Super Group (None yet) EVIL-701
The Wasted Youth Everlasting The Young Paragons' Evil Counterpart, only most of the members are much more interested in just raising hell than trying to take over the world or something. Wednesdays 8PM EST (Late shift 7:30PM PST) BRAT-755

Useful Links

Invention/Consignment tutorial video from NCSoft, hosted by MMORPG.com. About 4 or so minutes of your time.

ParagonWiki is another invaluable resource. Some good topics for new players:

  • Hero Story Arc which can help you find story arcs to play through. No wandering around aimlessly, plus an asset for role-players wanting to take on certain storylines/enemy groups for RP-purposes.
  • Enhancements - A good overview of City of Heroes/Villain's Enhancement system (enhancements being the closest thing to actual equipment in COx).
  • Consignment House - Now that you can create things, there's a place to sell them at too. Its different than what other games have to offer - its not like a City of Heroes eBay.

FAQ - This FAQ was put together by people on LiveJournal, and was then linked to by a dev on the forums.

The CoH Livejournal Community also has a great many active players.

Help for the Color Blind

Skin Color Chart

Other Color Chart

Who's Who

Please add yourself to this table so people can easily associate who you are on RPG.net with who you are on City of X.

Template file for character bio pages (see Aphrodite below for example).

RPG.net User Name CoX Global Main Character(s)
Arbane the Terrible Arbane Everlasting:
(Blue) Thermodynamic, Kagehoshi, Deathshriek, Esverra, Recombinant, Cluestick, Tenshi & others.

(Red) Scavenger Lass, Princess Ariosal, Majin, Warpwitch, Scarman & others.
(Yellow) Necromaster, Nemesis Lass.

Dreamfarer Dreamfarer Everlasting:
(Blue) Giggle, Dragonstriker, Quicksprite, Playful Mockery, Proton Scream
Knockwood Physics Engine
Quantum Yuusuka Quantum Yuusuka Altitis
Ubergeek2012 Ubergeek2012 Everlasting:
(Blue) Aphrodite, Gravitica, Sky Knight, Gigamax, Laser Lagomorph

(Red) Adversary, Mizzia

sbloyd sbloyd Everlasting:
(Blue) Horizon Twilight (a Warshade), Counterweight (a gravity controller), Captain Andromeda (a sentinel), Amy Andrews (a tank), and others
(Vigilante) Chernobyl Effect (a brute)

(Red) A rogue's gallery full of low-level villains (Red)

Kiriath Glorycrazy Red and blue mean nothing to me! Ouroboros Forever!
Everlasting: Reverb Abbess, Recurring Suppressor, Midnight's Shade, Mandrake's Whisper
Dulahan Dulahan Altitis, all Everlasting, but often...

Blue: Mountain Witch, Nebula Dancer, Neo Penumbra, Oracle of Bronze
Red: Eleventh Scion, Sidereal Phoenix, Electric Mantis

Epoch (not active) Brightbeam Everlasting: Miss Moon, Fiery Tail/Tale, Knight Song, Winter's Knife, Astral Projection, others. Most are Rogues/Vigilantes
Drastic Drastic growing alt-pile on Everlasting: some notables...

Blue: Kalpashuuro
Red: Legal Evil, Non-Compliant

Kinetic Energy Weapon KEW3928 Everlasting:

(Blue) Pyro-Girl (Fire/Fire Blaster)
(Blue) Aqua-Girl (Empathy/Water Blast Defender)
(Blue) Indestructagirl (Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker)