Star Wars Rebel Adventures

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Star Wars: Rebel Adventures is, in its current state, a one-shot in Cloud City using the Star Worlds rule set. If there is interest after the adventure is over, the game could be turned into an ongoing campaign.

Campaign Setting

It is the height of the galactic civil war and a dark time for the galaxy. The tension between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance continues to escalate into the year. The Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the death star are critical successes for the rebellion. A new hope is born. Infuriated by the defeat, Emperor Palpatine viciously lashes out against many of the Outer Rim worlds thought to be harboring people loyal to the rebel cause. The windswept planet of Bespin is no exception. In the streets of glorious Cloud City celebration erupts as news of the rebel victory at Yavin leaks out, but Imperial Storm Troopers open fire on the raucous crowd, inciting a riot that gets out of control and spreads throughout the whole city.

An Imperial police crackdown falls into effect immediately, but the Storm Troopers are highly outnumbered despite the presence of a fully staffed garrison base in the center of the spaceport. The chaos in the city creates an opportunity for rebel militia and criminal elements in the area. The local gangs and mercenary houses use the confusion of the riot to strike at each other, spurred by various feuds and grievances. At the same time, local rebel forces begin to skirmish with the Imperial occupancy while recruiting more and more disgruntled people to the cause.

It's a turbulent time in Cloud City and the power players are making their moves, so look sharp, keep your blasters close, and never strike a deal with a seedy warlord. Oh, and may the Force be with you.


At the start of the game the characters are not affiliated with the rebel forces. However, with the city suddenly coming under martial law by the Empire they may find that joining the rebels is advantageous.

Mave Jerass

Played by: Angwa Career(s): Scoundrel Hero Points: 2
Species: Twi'lek Vitality: 12/12 Experience: 0
Gender: Female Armor: None







280 credits
Stun glove

D6+2, Stun

Blaster Pistol

D6, Light, Close

Trader's Clothing
Holster, Concealed
Energy Cell x2

Menace Daring Guile Acuity Presence Spirit
5 (+0) 6 (+0) 10 (+2) 5 (+0) 10 (+2) 7 (+1)


Mave's mom Oola, the daughter of a slave, though she herself was freeborn, dances and serves drinks, when times are good in one of the fancy casino's, in bad periods some seedy bar. Didn't take long for Mave to swear that no way, no how was she ever going to do that! Of course, there was no money for fancy things like school but she did have her uncle Firith with whom she could 'apprentice'.

Uncle Firith was an, ahem, entrepreneur, and, sure, there was some legitimate trading, but mostly scamming, swindling, keeping a step ahead of angry marks and all the shady characters Firith owed credits too, his gambling habit not helping much. But hey, beats dancing in a bar and she even manages to support her mom and send her kid sister to an actual school!

The current Imperial crack-down has opened a Pandora's box of danger and opportunity however and her uncle has a bead on the elusive Big Score, or so he says. That was a few days ago, and she hasn't seen him since...

K4-DE “Kay-for”

Played by: Gee4orce Career(s): Droid Hero Points: 2
Species: Droid (KX model) Vitality: 13/13 Experience: 0
Gender: "Male" Armor: None


Advanced interface





125 credits
Blaster carbine

D6+1, Close

Power recharger
Comlink (short range)

Menace Daring Guile Acuity Presence Spirit
9 (+1) 11 (+2) 3 (+0) 11 (+2) 7 (+1) 9 (+1)


K4 was re-assembled from discarded/broken parts in the underbelly of Cloud City by bored Ugnaughts. He's been programmed to help work in the droid cycling factories, with an advanced interface and tech and piloting skills (mainly for operating load lifters). After years of use and abuse, he's looking pretty worn around the edges. The Ugnaughts have not had his memory wiped regularly, and as such he has developed his own personality and motivations. He recently 'served notice' on his owners, and left to start a new existence with various crime gangs, scum and villainy, where his programming makes him a useful asset.

He’s developed a friendship with a roguish Twi’lek called Firith, and together they’ve been engaged in some less than legal exploits. A few days ago Firith mentioned he’d got a lead on a score that could set him up for life. He disappeared off to chase up the lead, and hasn’t been seen since. K4 has been standing guard near Firith‘s accommodation in case he shows up ever since.


Played by: Garyfury Career(s): Soldier Hero Points: 1
Species: Wookiee Vitality: 15/15 Experience: 1
Gender: Male Armor: None







75 credits
Tribal Glaive

D6+2, Two-Handed, Heavy

Blaster Carbine

D6+1, Close

Bandolier Comlink (short range)

Menace Daring Guile Acuity Presence Spirit
12 (+3) 6 (+0) 10 (+2) 8 (+1) 4 (+0) 8 (+1)


Over ten years ago, Shavericca was shanghaied from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyk as forced labor by the Empire. A corrupt Imperial officer faked the death of Shavericca and the other slaves in a crash of the freighter being used to ferry them to their intended destination, in order to sell the slaves off to buyers in the criminal underworld. He spent several miserable years as a captive pit fighter owned by a Black Sun underboss. Through circumstances that Shavericca has never properly figured out, he was "tranferred" to the ownership of a small-time Bespin schemer and criminal named Firith -- he suspects as settlement of a wager or debt.

Strangely, it did not make Firith particularly happy to be given his very own Wookiee in lieu of expected cash, but the Twi'lek treated him with unexpected generosity. He offered to give Shavericca his outright freedom, but the Wookiee was far from home, with no easy way to return to Kashyyk and aware that he would be a potential embarrassment to the Imperials if he did. He has spent recent months doing occasional odd jobs for Firith and looking out for the man's extended family -- particularly his sister Oola, who has shown remarkable kindness to the homeless Wookiee, and his niece Mave, who has shown a great talent for getting into extra-legal scrapes of her own.

In the wake of recent unrest on Bespin, Firith has disappeared. Shavericca has gathered that the Twi'lek has gone in search of what he termed an "insurmountable opportunity". He worries what might happen to Firith if he crosses the wrong people, and most particularly, what might happen to Mave, her mother and her sister as a result.

Villeem "Vill" Pierette

Played by: Peers Career(s): Outlander Hero Points: 1
Species: Human Vitality: 14/14 Experience: 1
Gender: Male Armor: None

Jack of All Trades





25 credits in small-denomination chits
Tradesman's clothing
Two medpacs
A couple ration packs
A hip holster (usually holding a medpac)

Menace Daring Guile Acuity Presence Spirit
10 (+2) 8 (+1) 6 (+0) 7 (+1) 7 (+1) 8 (+1)


Vill was born in hyperspace, and most of his life has been spend on ships and stations -- he can count on two hands the number of times he's set foot on solid ground. That's part of what made him decide to make his way to Bespin: No solid ground. While young Vill was a carefree space rat who took 'jack of all trades' seriously, older Vill realized something important: There's people out there who don't trust droids -- even medical droids. And those people will pay good money to be looked after by a competent medic. So naturally, Vill very quickly became a competent medic. He's treated captains and criminals, rebels and enforcers, and when there's no need for a doctor he's easily slipped back into whatever the situation requires him to do. Whatever the universe throws his way, he's always been able to get through it somehow -- but as the years have gone by, this has gone from a devil-may-care attitude to more of a why-should-I-care attitude. He doesn't realize it, but he's a man in search of a reason for being.

Vill arrived on Bespin roughly a month ago. He's already got a minor reputation as a decent medic, and does other odd jobs on the side. Sadly, his carefree whatever-may-come attitude doesn't translate well to the sabacc table, and he's a little short of funding at the moment -- and on the lookout for whatever the universe throws his way this time.

Vill is a slightly pale Human, roughly in his late 40s (and in really good shape for it), very angular features, black hair with streaks of silver and mostly-forgettable brown eyes. He wears nondescript traveling clothes, but always keeps a medical item of some sort visible to indicate his 'position'.