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Malkavian Grin, AKA Sylvia, is a trans female artist, writer, and video gamer. She works for an ABC-affiliated news station and went to college for Web Design. Currently she is seeking to become a Producer. Sylvia taught herself how to play bass and guitar and has been in two bands (which strangely and tragically both had a drummer pass away). As a gamer she enjoys shooters, RPGs, and cute indie projects. While she likes metroidvania style games, she is not very good at them.

The name Malkavian Grin is a nod to the old World of Darkness tabletop RPG setting, specifically Vampire: The Masquerade. Within Vampire are many clans of vampires, with Malkavian being one of them. Malkavians specifically all suffer from mental health issues, which hits home for Sylvia. A Malkavian grinning is thus a nod to the madness within.

Games I GM[edit]

Star Wars: Rebel Adventures

Games I Play In[edit]

Raiders of the Rim as Just Bailey

Lost in the Dead Wood as Sir Felix de Langre

Juke Box Hero Wouldbes as Kobayashi Kanako

Star Wars: A New Heist as Sneed of Bushu Clan

Star Wars: Built on Hope as Kelsi Suroon

Characters Not Being Used[edit]