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Should this page be merged with Short_Adventures? I don't see a good reason for maintaining a division between wiki-hosted adventures and adventures published on other websites, unless it was a page of adventures-in-progress. - Ozymandias

I think it's better if we keep links and on-site adventures on seperate pages... - Jürgen Hubert

Why? - Ozymandias

Because, generally, the offsite adventures are links to things that are finished works, are hosted on other people's sites, and have correct attribution and such on or in them. The adventures here are often works in progress, or are here to be Wiki modified, only have attribution here, and so on. Having the pages crosslinked is a very good thing, but I do see reason to keep them seperate as they serve slightly different functions. - Brand Robins.

12/08/2006 Buffy Adventues : The 30 adventures based on Elvis Songs is a Dead Link. Someone should remove it. And Since it's the only only listing of adventures for that system.....

04/24/2017 Should this page even exist anymore? Most, if not all, of the links are dead.