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Lenore VanValkenburg

Diary Excerpt, Lenore VanValkenburg

October 19, 1932

Dear Diary,

Today was the MOST wonderful day ever! I met very handsome and very rich man who wants to give me a job! Of course he has no idea that he is destined to be my husband. I had the queerest dream last night where the Lady, who might possibly be my fairy godmother, told me to seek him out and share our fates. I must be sure to impress Mr. Dubcek with all of my wit and grace in my new job.

I'm not quite sure what this job entails but I'm sure it can't be any worse than wallowing in this hovel. I think he mentioned a press release about the awful commotion that happened in Central Park today. There were all sorts of strange cylinders and spores and large dogs tearing through Central Park. Now that I think back on it, I think one of those nasty dogs may have ripped the beautiful dress mother gave me for winning the riding competition in the spring. I will certainly have to buy a new dress with the money from my new job. How will Mr. Dubcek ever notice me when I am covered in rags? I should also purchase a new hat to match the dress. This large floppy one I retrieved from the "HQ" (whatever that is) doesn't match anything in my wardrobe.

I will also have to remember to thank Mr. Valdez and that nice Southern gentleman whose name I can't remember. Common people look so much alike it's difficult to tell them apart. Perhaps I will send them a box of cigars for saving my life.

Until next time Diary,


Miss Lenore VanValkenburg

Mrs. Lenore Dubcek

Mrs. Marcus Dubcek <3