The Dark City:Cass

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Cass Harmala, the Oracle

A character for The Dark City.

Faction: Power
Look: Caucasian, female, warm clothing
Demeanor: paranoid


  • Blood =0
  • Heart –1
  • Mind +1
  • Spirit +2


  • Mortality =0
  • Night =0
  • Power +1
  • Wild +1


  • Simple apartment, crappy car, cell phone
  • Collection of tomes and grimoires


Nadia helps you understand your dreams and visions. You owe her 2 Debts. You've had a dire prophecy about Jonas, but you don't know how to help him…yet. You owe him a Debt. You are helping Sarah realize her true potential through your visions. She owes you a Debt. Sarah is leveraging dirt she has on you to get your help with something. She owes you another Debt. You are hiding Tonio from someone or something powerful. He owes you a Debt. You are responsible for Danielle becoming a vampire. You owe her a Debt.

Oracle Moves

Foretellings—At the beginning of the session, roll with Spirit. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. During the session, you can spend your hold to declare that something terrible is about to happen. You (and your allies) take +1 ongoing to avoid the impending disaster. On a miss, you foresee the death of someone important to you and take –1 to all rolls to prevent it.

Conduit—Advance Let It Out for all characters in your presence, including yourself.

At Any Cost—When you interfere with someone’s plans or actions to prevent one of your visions from coming true, mark their Faction and take +1 forward.

Drama Moves

Corruption Move—When you give someone a false prophecy, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move—When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, you gain a specific and clear vision about that person’s future. You can ask up to 3 questions about the vision; mark corruption for each.

End Move—When you die or retire your character, announce a proclamation upon the world that will reverberate in dreams worldwide. Detail the signs of its coming. The MC will make your prophecy come to pass, sooner rather than later.


Marks: 2