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[[Category:Campaign Setup]]
rstites's Twisted OD&D Game
[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/the-liberation-of-husbaleve.855065/#post-22935325 Out of Character Thread]
[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/the-liberation-of-husbaleve.855070/ In Character Thread]
==Important People==
* '''[[Azure Sky]]''' Blue Elf Mystagogue of the Night Vigil played by Hituro
* '''[[Barstuhl the Tall]]''' Fighter, played by Kenco
* '''[[Geris Trocken]]''' Sorcerer played by Monster Mash
* '''[[Quarta]]''' Cashiered centurion played by Lysus
* '''[[Tival Orlen]]''' Aristocracy of House Orlen played by downer
'''[[Husbaleve:The PC Stable|The PC Stable]]'''
'''[[Husbaleve:Prominnent NPCs|Prominent NPCs]]'''
'''[[Husbaleve:Other People|Other People of Interest]]'''
==Party Logistics==
* '''[[Husbaleve: Combat Tracker|Combat Tracker]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Marching Order|Marching Order]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Calendar|Calendar]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Loot|Loot]]'''
*'''[[Cults & Deities]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Dockside|Dockside]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: No Man|No Man's Land]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Farmer's Quarter|Farmer's Quarter]]'''
'''[[House Orlen]]'''
* Easterners
* Elves, Blue
* Elves, Red
'''[[Husbaleve City Map]]'''
* '''[[DM's Screen]]'''
* '''Character Classes'''
** ''[[Husbaleve: Warrior|Warrior]]''
** ''[[Husbaleve: Sorcerer|Sorcerer]]''
** ''[[Husbaleve: Mystic|Blue Elf Mystic]]''
** ''[[Husbaleve: Warrior Mage|Red Elf Warrior Mage]]''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Attributes|Attributes]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Equipment|Equipment]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Encumbrance|Encumbrance]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Skills|Skills]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Exploration Synopsis|Exploration Synopsis]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Encounter Synopsis|Encounter Synopsis]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Combat Synopsis|Combat Synopsis]]'''
* '''[[Combat Synopsis]]'''
==Surrounding Lands==

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