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==[[File:TrasidySymbol.jpg]]'''Government of Trasidy'''[[File:TrasidySymbol.jpg]]==
==[[File:TrasidySymbol.jpg]]'''Government of Trasidy'''[[File:TrasidySymbol.jpg]]==
==Protectorate of Amber==
the realm of Trasidy does not have a central government and as such its position in the greater shadows is murky.  Recently, at the urging of Prince Dalt and his son Lord Macsen, Amber has declared Trasidy a protected region of the Empire of Amber.  They Consul are unhappy about this development but the matter is still under consideration.  In the mean time other realms of shadow have recogonized the protected status to at least the degree that attacking it would be very dangerous.
===Chamber of Review===
===Chamber of Review===
While there seem to be no formal overall government there are Consuls who settle conflicts and complaints and their ruling is law.  A '''Chamber of Review''' of 12 Consuls, including a Chief Consul, can over-rule a judgment, sending it back for further review.  A unanimous decision can not be over-ruled.   
While there seem to be no formal overall government there are Consuls who settle conflicts and complaints and their ruling is law.  A '''Chamber of Review''' of 12 Consuls, including a Chief Consul, can over-rule a judgment, sending it back for further review.  A unanimous decision can not be over-ruled.   

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TrasidySymbol.jpg This Squiggle is a Maze of the first water. Its population is a puzzle. TrasidySymbol.jpg


Its origin is lost to time and only a clever searcher could find who created the original Squiggle. It is located multiversally nearer the Tosa/York systems. There are many rumors about this realm but a few are clear after a little investigation.



Entrance into Trasidy can be achieved in a number of ways. Pattern Transfer, Logrus Tendrils, Trump, and several other magical pathways. There is a tiny path of Jeweled Road to Trasidy that has recently begun to be used as commerce has developed. The Jeweled Path is 10' wide and crosses a tall pass into the realm.

However all forms of entry deliver the traveler to a magnificent Temple called the Hagia Rosada. In the Grand Rotunda, beneath the great copper topped green dome, await the Priests of Rosada who speak with new arrivals. The sense is that new arrivals occur frequently. They greet arrivals in Peace, offer them food and drink, and show them to a giant cavernous room with many doorways to sectors of the city.

Upon entry at the Hagia Rosada one can see one is in a city of millions of buildings. There does not seem to be an end of them. There are also no highways though there are some roads that are little more then alleys. It is a insane collections buildings of every architecture. Millions of Plazas, stoas, strip malls. The Hagia Rosada has commanding views of the place and seems to sit upon one of the highest points.


Trasidy is one relatively flat plain that is covered with urban areas. It has approximately 1,269,00 SQ Miles. About the size of India. With a population estimated at 1,020,000,000 gives a population density of approximately 400 per sq mile. Most areas are considerably denser then that allowing for vast parks and farms, but not mountain ranges.

  • There are many waterways among and beneath the buildings. The water is drinkable and has a vast plethora of fish, crustacean, and other water based-lifeforms. Fishing is common.
  • Earthquakes occur frequently. Construction tends to over engineer to provide stability during earthquakes but there is still damage. Vining plants add cracks that quakes open and cause greater damage.


The general technological level is early electronic age with some exception.

  • Gunpowders, in many forms, do not work here. Neither do lasers or focused energy weapons. While electricity does work, the entrance to the realm is such that no faster then light transportation has been attempted.


  • The Speed of light is a hard limit restricting starships.
  • There are few powered forms of air travel. Hot Air balloons and blimps are used as are certain types of gliders. However there are few mountains so gliding usually takes off from towers or structures, making them poor transportation.
  • Camels, horse, Dottles, and other mounts are common. Their urine and defecation is often collected for other uses
  • Passage Portals There are Temples of the Priests of Rosada placed around the realm that have doors allowing transportation to other Passage Portals. Use is free.
  • Buses and usually horse drawn trams and are used in many regions.
  • The Deck of Trasidy is a magical deck of Trumps that transfer to various doors around the realm. While they are rare and expensive, they are well known and an item of envy if not awe.

Lighting and Heating[edit]

Electrical light works, at approximately 1900 level of incandescent light. There is no widespread energy grid. Many energy sources have been imported from outside of the realm. Common light sources include a specially treated lichen that emits light and heat just below the level of a candle. Candles are ubiquitous. Oil Lights are Ubiquitous. Cottage industries exist for the production of Lichen, Candle and Oil lights.

  • There is a Night/Day cycle but no visible light source: No sun. It simply gets lighter and darker with light filtering down from above to allow for shadows and shade. This is caused by a cycling heat source far above the surface of the realm that maneuvers in an erratic manner.
  • Weather is regional and tends to travel around the flat plain in relation to the meandering heat source. This tends to make.
  • Continualism is a common magic and that includes a variety of Light, cold, freeze, heat, fire, etc.


  • There are sources for most metals but they are not large. This is a metal poor world. Its not as scarce as worlds like Dreana but sources of metals need to be mined in the middle of inhabited areas so the process is difficult, usually requiring a lot of coordination between factors and consuls. For that reason metal is a common import.
  • Recent Offworld trade has included bulk metals.

TrasidySymbol.jpgPlant LifeTrasidySymbol.jpg[edit]

  • Despite the generally dry and hot environment plants grow well in Trasidy. Everything from box gardens, courtyard and sports fields, to fruit trees, wrinkled pines, fir, cedars, flowering vines, ivy, and shade trees crammed in the center courtyards of buildings.
  • Beyond the previously listed foods, nearly anything can grow here. Trees grow to maturity in months rather then years. Fruit trees are everywhere and grow like weeds. Fields are cleared to grow grains and other crops.
  • Roof Gardens provide vast and plentiful supplies of a wide variety of vegetables from all over shadow.
  • There are many trees across the realm, many imported by immigrants.

Trasidy Lichen[edit]

Trasidy Lichen grows plentifully and glows at night, is edible, makes a fine tea, works as a great thickener for stews and medicinal preparations. It is easy to domesticate and compact sculptures coated with the lichen provide plentiful dim ambient light.

  • There are hundreds of types of mushrooms that seem ubiquitous. They clog niches, grow like rings on grassy areas, under ruins, nearly everywhere. They are edible, taste varies, are usable for all types of food preparations.

Rock ivy[edit]

An Ivy that grows wildly over ruins, as if its part of the process of breaking them down. A common activity is the removal of rock Ivy or the training of rock ivy to keep its roots from tearing apart masonry.

  • They are a common ingredient in the diets of inhabitants. It grows fast. They are a wide leaf, that can be prepared for consumption in several ways. Boiled, they can be eaten as spinach. Most recipes that use spinach can use Rock Ivy.
  • Used fresh they an be treated as grape leaves. They make a sturdy wrap for nearly any food.
  • dried they can be smoked like pipe tobacco, rolled as cigars, cut like tobacco. The taste is hearty and sweet.
  • Pickled, they make a ready vessel for how ever they are pickled.
  • The vine, cleared of leaves, can be twined to make twine and rope. There is a local method for treating partly dried Rock Ivy vine that causes it to break down into fine thread that is easy to spin, weave, and create cloth. The cloth is easy to cut & sew, making a rugged, and easy to clean fabric. The thread may be dyed until it is washed in a broth of local lichens that sets the color permanently.
  • Rock Ivy flowers are a common ingredient in teas and medicines. It acts as a painkiller.
  • Rock Ivy is easy to domesticate.


Avocado trees are plentiful and common, growing fast compared to similar plants elsewhere. They are extremely plentiful and play a big part in the diets of the residents.

  • Trasidy Avocado leaves, bark, skin, or pit are not harmful when consumed as avocados frequently are in other shadows. This lends them for other uses. Pits are dried and ground to make a common flour.
  • The wood is used normally but even with the speed of its growth it is still a slow growing and maturing tree and is usually only harvested for its wood if the tree is damaged or dies.
  • Growing Avocados indoors is a common activity and many children have them and eventually plant them and treat them almost like pets.
  • The leaves are broad and provide plentiful shade. They can be eaten but are rarely consumed except by wild animals.
  • Avocados are a water intensive and in a fairly dry world they tend to grow well near water sources or near places where the underground water runs close to the surface.

The Brutus Tree[edit]

The Brutus Tree is a common wood plant. It is a native plant. It grows from seed to full grow in two years, but small branches and leaves can be harvested as early as 6 months without damaging the main trunk's growth.

  • It grows bush like to 30' tall and 30'in diameter. The interior trunk grows to 8' in diameter with numerous straight branches growing to 2' in diameter. Thin, long branches grow from the branches that are easy to strip of the Brutus Leaves. The thin branches are pulled to make rope.
  • Brutus leaves are a large source of plant waxes.
  • The main trunk and main branches can be harvested and used as a solid clean grain soft wood similar to pine.
  • Brutus Tree produce a pine-cone like seed pod with many uses. Brut Seeds are a common food. Can be made into flour for all uses.
  • Thick walled boxes of Brutus Wood are made to protect Continual items from Dispel Magic spells. Continual spells cast on the interiors of the boxes are damped when the box is closed. This leads to its use with Constant spells like Con Light, Scent, Clear Area, and Con Temp being cast on the interior of the boxes allowing them to be dampened by closing.

Trasidy Wax[edit]

  • Wax is a huge industry on Trasidy. It ranges from small scale cottage industries to Structure groups, to Regional industry. Candles are the most common light source.
  • The wax industry and the Honey industries are frequently mingled
  • Sealing and polish waxes are ubiquitous in this tone and wood world.
  • Plant and animal waxes are common.
  • beeswax, and hard fats such as tallow are used to make candles, used for lighting and decoration.


  • Honey is the most common sweetener in Trasidy and its production is widespread.
  • Mead is a common drink. A honey drink is served at nearly every meal ubiquitously.
  • Beekeeping is a common practices and most Standing Structures find a way to have hives.

Ground Tubers-Gurs[edit]

    • Ground Tubers are a low growing vining plant that tucks against the ground and wall edges, and grow into the earth near foundations. The sizes, colors and type vary. Generally fingerling types. They are a weed type of plant, possibly part of the process of rending buildings to gravel. Its tubers, "Gurs" are a common food source. They can be used in all forms of potato methods.
    • Gursat is a potent grain alcohol made from Gurs. It is a less flavorful vodka with considerable potency approaching 151 proof.

Ground Bulbs[edit]

  • In a manner similar to Rock Ivy and Ground Tubers, ground bulbs are a climbing vine that follows along the edges of buildings, cracks, and crevasses. They have a strong vine, able to hold great weight.
  • They have a wide variety of fruits
    • Large squash forms similar in texture and size to pumpkins and other squash. While colors vary, the preparations are similar to most squash fruits.
    • Variously sized hard shelled gourds filled with water. Removed and cured the shells make hard vessels for many different uses. Practitioners of a specialized form of gardening grow the water gourd, placing them within stone or wood molds, allowing them to grow to suit the desired shapes. When ripe, the molds are removed, the gourds cured and used as needed. Bowls, mugs, water storage, etc.


  • Urala is an imported flowering plant originating on Dreana[[1]]
  • Urala cigars and smoking herb has been a small industry for centuries. Its only after Patternfall that the refinement of Urala rose to create the highly potent form traditionally produced on Dreana. Trasidy and Dreana produce compare favorably. The range of Urala products have long been a part of Trasidy but only recently has it become well-known across the realm, rather then in small enclaves of enthusiasts. Its cultural tradition is similar to absinthe.
  • Frequent Urala use colors the lips, tongue, and inner mouth and nasal passages.


  • Cigars: A common form of urala usage is cigars and cigarillos. These are mild, unprocessed leaves, rolled, and cured.
  • Buds:The most common usage is the potent flowering buds. dried and smoked.
  • Oil: An extraction of Urala bud. An oily compound is consumed in many ways.
  • Honey: Urala buds are suspended in honey and allowed to infuse. The honey is often harvested from containers where the Urala has settled to the bottom of a large glass container.
  • Wine & Spirits: Urala buds are added to casks & barrels and allowed to infuse for years while the alcohol matures. The alcohol is strained before final bottling.

TrasidySymbol.jpgGovernment of TrasidyTrasidySymbol.jpg[edit]

Protectorate of Amber[edit]

the realm of Trasidy does not have a central government and as such its position in the greater shadows is murky. Recently, at the urging of Prince Dalt and his son Lord Macsen, Amber has declared Trasidy a protected region of the Empire of Amber. They Consul are unhappy about this development but the matter is still under consideration. In the mean time other realms of shadow have recogonized the protected status to at least the degree that attacking it would be very dangerous.

Chamber of Review[edit]

While there seem to be no formal overall government there are Consuls who settle conflicts and complaints and their ruling is law. A Chamber of Review of 12 Consuls, including a Chief Consul, can over-rule a judgment, sending it back for further review. A unanimous decision can not be over-ruled.

    • The Chamber of Review also interact with the Priests of Rosada to confirm the rank of Consul. A Consul serves a 4 year term, during which time he must put his own affairs in the hands of a Factor of their choosing.
    • The Chamber of Review and the Priests of Rosada over see a large collection of governmental agencies that mange aspects of the great city.
    • It is known that there is a Council of Nine that manage the affairs of Trasidy on a inter-shadow basis and deals with the magical defenses of Trasidy. While they are given a great deal of respect their actions, as a council, is not controlling of city actions but mainly on how the city deals with realms beyond it, such as Amber and the Courts of Chaos. If forced the Council of Nine does conside one of its number to be its leader for magical reasons.

Priests of Rosada[edit]

The Priests of Rosada have authority over many administrative elements of Trasidy. While a secretive order in general they are a very visible presence in Trasidy managing charitable operations, orphanages, schools, relief and emergency services. It is libraries they are most known for. The faith of Rosada does not have a religious tome nor is it a preaching faith. They are more like librarians or Keepers of Knowledge.

  • There are Temples of Rosada placed around the realm that have doors allowing transportation to other Passage Portals. Use is free. These Temples are also libraries with books from Trasidy and other shadow realms.
    • Temples of Rosada are large domed structures with a center hall but also with many shaded areas, water sources, gardens and groves.
  • Orphanages of Rosada train children to be farmers, tender of gardens, planters of trees, readers and craftsman. Rosada orphanages do educate its residents to be literate but tend to direct them to more manual efforts.
  • The Rosada Schools tend to teach skills in equal portion to academics and tend to prepare students to enter schools of advanced education but does not run University level schools. They do have a form of one on one instruction that goes beyond the schools they run and usually lead to a student being declared a Prist of Rosada.
  • Rosada Hospitals are free and provide care from the simplest of ailments to the worst of issues. Priests of Rosada are usually trained in medical treatments.
  • The Priests of Rosada are believed to protect the secret knowledge and the Sigil of Trasidy.

Plazas and Standing Structures[edit]

  • Plazas: Most personal life revolve around Plazas. Plazas have a central market area with Fountains or water sources. There are open spaces and amphitheaters, playing fields, and shaded areas. Most Centrals plazas have a few large trees.
  • Standing Structures: In a city of buildings each structure, regardless of size, is called a Standing Structure. Each Standing Structure has a Factor, a representative for whatever needs the residents have. After a Factor is elected by a Standing structure's residents they can attempt to convince the inhabitants of surrounding Standing Structures to elect them as well. Powerful Factors might oversee 100 or more Standing Structures.


Animal life is abundant. While the primary diet of the residents of Trasidy is heavy with fruits,vegetables and grains, about 20% of their diet is meat. Mostly fish, but some avian and white meat animals. A very tiny portion of the diet is red meat animals.

  • Dive Turkeys: A bird disturbingly similar to Dreanan & Calrobon Dive Turkeys are plentiful, and as an avian pest are often hunted. Many people carry a thin net of strong cord, on their belts, ready for use against Dive Turkeys. They provide a regular protein to the diet.
  • Great Hawks: The Great Hawks are the lords of the skies, only begrudging the glides and kites some grace to share the sky. Other birds try to accommodate the great hunting birds. The main foe of the Great Hawks are the Dive Turkeys and the crows. Great Hawks often roost with parrots whom they consider entertaining.
  • Lizards & Snakes: Lizards and snakes are common and are a often in resident's diets as well as frequent pets.
  • Trasidy War Pigs: A wild boar common to Trasidy. It has imported and went native. They are combative and territorial. They are also a common food.
  • Fish: While there are few large bodies of water on Trasidy there are many narrow deep rivers and creeks. These are filled with a wide variety of fish. Most are small in the trout-salmon range. There is a breed of flying fish that is a subject of much poetry and mirth as they often jump out of streams onto dry land. Sardines and herring like fish are common.
    • There are a vast number of small fish that are often eaten but are also prized as pets. Fish ponds are common. Many people domesticate fish in their structures. Many fountains and water features feature decorative fish.
  • Turtles: Turtles are common but are most often treated as pets, both water and land species. Large tortoises are often treated as structure pets. Some giant Turtles are famous. Tortoises and Turtles are considered good luck and feature in the imagery of the priests of Trasidy. Still, there are many turtle recipes so many people do not consider them above the soup pot.
  • Dogs & Cats: Dogs and Cats are plentiful Both are eaten in some areas but for the most part are kept as pets.
    • Farrel Cats are nearly always fed by structure residents to keep the vermin population under control.
    • Service dogs are common. Guard Dogs, hunting dogs, truffle dogs.
    • Fighting dogs is a common sport. Though it is not a respectable sport.
  • Beholders: Beholders are a common pest. Unlike powerful beholders in other realms these are of animal intelligence usually and are generally annoying. They are often collected and exported for unknown reasons.
  • Insects: There are insects of types ubiquitous in Shadow. Many methods of keeping insects away are used. Many insects are used dietary and various insect flours are common.


The natives of this realm are vast. A casual population guess puts the populations of this city at billions. Clearly many Non-Borns were here at the creation of the Squiggle but many others have come here since. The arrival process at the Hagia Rosada implies that arrivals, as individuals, small groups, and large Diasporas are easily absorbed into the population.

  • Race relations:Racially there are large swaths of different races and cultures but they seem to get along well on a racial basis. Individuals, even groups, gangs, and other associations may have violent conflict but it is not a function of race.'
  • Transport Domes:There are domed structures called Transport Domes. They include up to 20 portals allowing travel to other Domes nearby. Movement to regions across the realm is expressed in how many Domes must be passed through. While surface roads exist, they are often narrow and twisting, and maze-like.They are managed by the Priests of Trasidy.
  • Trump Cards based on the sigil of Trasidy, are commonly available and allow transport between regions. Trasidy Trumps do not allow transport out of the Squiggle.
  • Religions:Nearly any religion in shadow can be found here and often that is a criteria for the Priests of Hagia Rosada to send one to a particular area. The Priests of Rosada though, are an odd mixture of monastics and librarians.
  • Sport:Sports seem to be a driving passion in this world.
    • While combat sports exist, like boxing, Knife, Jousting, and even an elaborate Gladiatorial League exist, most of the sports are less bloody. **Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and many other games of a dizzy variety are actively followed.
    • Acrobatics and gymnastics are common activities.
    • Despite the lack of mountains there is a passion for gliding. Fixed wing. Hang gliding.
      • Kite flying in a mania among young and old. Men and women. The variety of styles is incredible. Fighting kites is a popular sport.
  • CommerceThriving businesses exist to provide residents with everything available Plazas are almost always supplied with food merchants, cloth merchants, and everything else needed. Cottage industries is the nature oft things in this world.
    • There is some commerce beyond Trasidy with other shadow realms. Arts and foods are exported. Rare animals are exported. Metals are a common import.
  • CurrencyWhile gold, silver, copper, electrum, platinum, gemcoins, gems, and other shadow currency is commonly used, barter is by far the most common form of exchange. A general 10 copper to 1 silver/10 silver to 1 gold/10 gold to 1 platinum/ exchange rate exists. Electrum coins are generally considered 1/3 to 1/2 of a gold coin. Mitril are generally rated as worth 1000 gold. Gemcoins, a common chaos sway currency are readily accepted and have a complicated exchange system based on the central gem and the surrounding metals.

Natives and Immigrants[edit]

  • If there is a native race it has long since blended in with the immigrant population. There are no publicly known Non-Borns.
  • Over the course of time many people have come here through diverse methods. They arrive at Hagia Rosada, usually, with nothing but what they are carrying. Occasionally animals arrive this way as well. One day a population of Eskimos, then a caravan of Calro Velri hunters, then next a trio of circus performers, the next a flock of doves. Then nothing for a year. Then 10,000 refugees green skinned Parnu from an unknown war. While its been assumed the arrivals were refugees from disasters this is not the case as many arrival claim to have been stolen from their worlds.
  • There is some function of the world that causes arrivals to quickly acclimate the common language, Trasid-Thari, quickly. Trasid-Thari is a dialectic version of Thari, including elements of many languages arrivals have brought.
  • The social environment varies from plaza to plaza. the tech level may vary from plaza to plaza.

Notable People in Trasidy[edit]

Rewscavi.jpg Cradic.jpg Utaric.jpg Candal Rose Algala.jpg

Melica roshala.jpg Adavan.jpg

  • Ambassadors to Trasidy

D-dalt1.jpg Ambassador from Amber

[[]] Ambassador from Chaos

  • Rewscavi: A well known and influential Factor. A frequently elected member of the Chamber of Review.
  • Cradic: A well known story teller and merchant. Often on the Chamber of Review. He specializes in selling smoking herbs, dried herbs, medical herbs, and other food stuff.
  • Utaric: A priest of Rosada and a person of great knowledge and influence.
  • Candal Rose Algala:
  • Melica roshala:
  • Adavan of Trasidy: A well-known merchant trader.

TrasidySymbol.jpgThe Sigil of Trasidy and Powers.TrasidySymbol.jpg[edit]

  • Where the Primal Squiggle is inscribed is a closely guarded secret. The sigil is not an object of veneration nor and object of public discussions or visibility. The Pattern of Amber is denoted on everything from play cards, books, paintings, Murals, and artworks. The Sigil of Trasidy is not. Few of the general public ever see the Sigil. However it is not impossible. Every person who serves on the Chamber of Review has seen it, and many have assayed it. All Priests of Rosada have seen it. Many Plaza leaders have seen it. Students in the Sorcerous and magical arts eventually have a chance to see it.
  • 10 pip Basic Imprint. Frame can hold 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell
  • 20 pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 12 Minor Spells and 6 Major Spell
  • 40 pip Lord's Imprint. Frame can hold 16 Minor Spells and 9 Major Spell
  • There are a number of walkable sigil across the realm. Most closely protected by Temple of Rosada.
  • The sigil has a transport function like patterns but its range is only the Plain of Trasidy.
  • One odd function of a sigil is that it will only allow itself to be walked by a new person if someone with the imprint already has finished walking it and waits at the end for the new person. Once the new person is on the path the experienced walker may leave the sigil.
  • Walking the Sigil is easy. It has little resistance, and seems to welcome the new person.
  • High Order Sorcery is available on a Trasidy Frame, as is empowering contact and transport trumps.
  • Trasidy Trumps reach outside the realm but transport trumps do not.
  • There may be many shadows within this realm but if there are they are small pocketed ones and not separate worlds


Most magical systems work here though practitioners comment on the sticky nature of working magic here. As if there is a delay in magic's functions.

  • Trumps from outside bring one to Hagia Rosada. Once inside, Trumps function extremely well, quickly. Trumps work in
  • Priests of Trasidy seem to be able to access powers through a connection to the Inscribed Squiggle of Trasidy. They create Trumps that facilitate the travel of residents.
  • Continualism is a common form of magic used many ways.

Significant Locations[edit]

Plaza Magdal[edit]

1-plaza magdal.jpg]

Col Adrazic[edit]

2-Col Adrazic.jpg

This Tavern and managing facility rests at the col of the entrance into the realm. Traditionally the arduous climb on the exterior of the realm to the Col and the equally steep but much shorter descent into the realm were muddy and dangerous roads. With the advent of a small Jeweled Road up and down the the trail merchant business has increased. However, the road is only 10' wide, so the use of the trail has become more organized.

Red Wall[edit]

3-Red Wall1.jpg

Red Wall is the accepted North of Trasidy. Compasses point at the North Red Wall Door. The Red/Blue wall is its own series of Plazas that are longer rather then square, being miles long and in most cases less then 200 meters wide.

Plazas Krela & Zahali[edit]

4-Plazas Krela & Zahali.jpg

The entrances to these two Plaza are side by side and open pathways and shared areas between them. They are the two Plazas that are at the extreme end or the Red Wall and the Yellow Wall where they meet. They share sports facilities down the center line dividing the two regions.

There is a bitter animosity between the two groups that is expressed in every possible way short of bloodshed. There is a deep unity between the two when matters of other Plazas are involved.

Plaza Cruzic[edit]

5-Plaza Cruzic.jpg

Hagia Rosada[edit]


The Great Temple of the Hagia Rosada is the center of much of the Cultural and Economic activity in the realm. It is the location all traffic from outside Trasidy arrives. The Great Temple of the Hagia Rosada is the center of much of the Cultural and Economic activity in the realm. It is the location all traffic from outside Trasidy arrives. Merchant Caravans are met and led to the regional markets they are destined for Libraries, gardens, fountains, sculpture, glass work, and many other things of Trasidean beauty can be seen. Many foreign realms maintain small offices in the government area.

Plaza Palitaza[edit]

7-Plaza Palitaza.jpg]

Paltaza is famous for its paperworks. Book production, scribes, calligraphers, etc. It also produces a large number of sorcerors and mages, having both scholarly and Apprentice systems. Spell Tomes are created here.

There are a number of well known universities and developmental schools in the plaza.

Placed against the Yellow Wall it has a relationship with several minor Plazas on the Green Wall side to provide food and drink to the populace.

Blue Wall[edit]

8-blue wall1.jpg

The Blue Wall is the accepted South of the realm. Heading south the Red/Blue wall Plazas are miles wide and less then 200 meters wide.

Yellow Wall[edit]

9-Yellow Wall1.jpg

House of Four Waters[edit]

10-House of Four Waters.jpg

Green Wall[edit]

11-Green Wall1.jpg

The Green Wall is the the eastern boundary of the realm and backs to the Yellow Wall.

The Green/Yellow Plazas are as wide as 100 miles and as thick as 20 miles. The Green?Yellow plazas are deeply rich in greenery and food production. Both sides are heavily vined, with wide areas for orchards, farms, and gardens. There are many lakes rich in fish and shellfish. The people on the Green Wall Plazas tend to be well fed.

Crizada Tras[edit]

12-Crizada Tras.jpg

The Trasidy Deck[edit]

The Trasidy Deck is a Deck of Transport Trumps that move one around the great City. The four Great Borders are depicted, as well as many important locations, such as the Hagia Rosada.

1-plaza magdal.jpg 2-Col Adrazic.jpg 3-Red Wall1.jpg
1 Plaza Magdal 2 Col Adrazic 3-Red Wall
4-Plazas Krela & Zahali.jpg 5-Plaza Cruzic.jpg Trasidy1door1.jpg
4 Plazas Krela & Zahali 5 Plaza Cruzic 6 Hagia Rosada
7-Plaza Palitaza.jpg] 8-blue wall1.jpg 9-Yellow Wall1.jpg
7 Plaza Palitaza 8 Blue Wall 9 Yellow Wall
10-House of Four Waters.jpg 11-Green Wall1.jpg 12-Crizada Tras.jpg
10 House of Four Waters 11 Green Wall 12 Crizada Tras.jpg

Map of Trasidy and its Curious Cosmology[edit]

The realm of Trasidy is peculiar. As the map shows if the Blue Wall and the Red Wall are at the north and south are essentially the boundary of the realm but are also connected to each other. As are the Yellow Wall and the Green Wall.

Map Of Trasidy1.gif

Gardens of Trasidy[edit]

Gardens are a common feature of Trasidy life. Temples of Rosada have several of them each. Structures and Plazas feature may large and small gardens.