Umbral Domains: Dark Ages Fae

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Canon Compatible

New/Revised Powers


The Pledge of Sanctity - Gold Oath related to religiously based Echoes.

Tailored Oaths - Oaths tailored to work against particular sorts of Echoes.


Fae Touched - Rules for playing mortals on the path to becomming fae. Intended for a power level on par with mortal Sorcerers.

Settings & Setting Elements

Canon Incompatible



Settings & Setting Elements

A Strange Perception of Time - It is well noted that fae interact with time differently than humans. This variant takes that idea just a bit further.

Recommended Reading

White Wolf

Other Publications

The Broken Sword, Anderson, Poul

Modern Classics of Fantasy, Ed. Dozois, Gardner - Many of the stories could relate to Dark Ages: Fae.

Other Media