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Stride Bases

Drug addict and dealer; associate of Kim Lim

Norene Blake

Queen of Wands - Inverted; an impatient woman given to fits of anger. Demanding of others and unforgiving of failure, she is reluctant to put forth her own ideas but is intensely critical of others.

Joseph Browning

Architect; friend of Ezekiel Decker; friend of Ignacio Erikson. Joe went to a good school eager to make great buildings that would help people but became quite bummed because he has been pin-holed into a crappy job lacking creativity. Joe has become deeply depressed because of this. Joe is perpetually sarcastic and is sometimes hard to like.

Alix Christiansen

Exotic dancer at the Lonely Flower

Belladonna Collins

Ace of Swords - Inverted; a brutal hunter who would rather destroy her opponents than understand them. Belladonna is merciless and cruel in her methods. She has tortured and murdered in her efforts to protect humanity from the others.

Frank Cross

Owner of the Lonely Flower

Christina Donaldson

Ezekiel Decker's girlfriend. Senior banker with Bank of America, Chris is very hopeful and indecisive. She believes in true love and happily ever after. She is too sweet and naive for her own good.

Nicky Donaldson

Special education teacher at Lincoln municipal elementary school; Christina Donaldson's brother; friend of Ezekiel Decker; friend of Ignacio Erikson. Nicky used to be very much into drugs and alcohol, but in his last year of college he met Siobon and changed his life around. He has a very playful personality and is well liked by just about everyone he meets.

Scott Frasier

Police lieutenant with the fourth precinct; Clinton Raymond's immediate supervisor; friend of Ignacio Erikson. Scott believes in the best in people. He has covered some of Clinton's minor misdeeds in the past knowing that there is something good inside him. Still, Scott is investigating Clinton for himself and gets closer to the truth every day.

Arnold Harris

Seven of Coins - Inverted; suffering from bipolar disorder, Arnold has never managed to accomplish much for himself. He is often distracted and tends to lose sight of his goals. He usually abandons projects before he can see any results.

David Kamel

Two of Wands; an up and coming broker at the firm of Warren Warren and Sykes Financial. David sees the stagnation of the court of wands as an opportunity for him to seize power for himself.

Kara Laurence

Five of Wands - Inverted; a middle child, she is supportive and works to smooth over conflicts. Kara is frustrated by how little the court of wands has been able to accomplish, but she continues to do her best to move forward.

Evan 'Crash' Lombard

Knight of Swords - Inverted; a sly and deceitful confidence trickster. Evan sees his role as a sword to be one of gathering information and destroying evil by turning it on itself.

Martin Lydecker

Knight of Wands - Inverted; a hidebound traditionalist reluctant to move in any direction that has not been tried and proved.

Mike MacGee

Uncle of Ezekiel Decker with police connections; Clinton Raymond's partner. Mike knows Clinton's dark side, and knows to when to stay out of the way to save his own neck. He gets the feeling that Clinton's actions are not only going to get Clinton killed someday, but will either kill him or greatly damage Mike's career. Mike is fiercely loyal to his family and friends and wants to help turn Clinton around before its too late.

Walter K. Manning

Adversary of Ezekiel Decker. Walter Manning has been on the top of his career since he entered the field. Others see that a new generation is upon us, and he wants to make everything new and glorious. Out with the old, in with the new! It's new and better for a reason.

Lillian Mah

Owner of Cartwright Electronics; Kim Lim's cousin; one of The Others. Knows Clinton from multiple police visits to the store.

Christine Miller

Prostitute associated with Clinton Raymond. Christine is a jealous girl. She is jealous of her boyfriend Clinton's wife, she longs to be his only attraction. She is not yet to the point of doing anything about it, but she does threaten, just loud enough for Clinton to hear, of bringing their affair to the attention of his wife.

James Adler Morrison

City councilman; friend of Ignacio; owes money to Kim Lim.

Kristin Noell

Exotic dancer at the Lonely Flower

Santiago Núñez

High ranking member of La eMe; associate of Kim Lim

Mitch O'Brien

William O'Brien's brother. Mitchy has taken leadership of River Snakes but is poorly organized in his attempts. Mitchy is a wisp of a man with a soft voice and is a doormat to people with stronger personalities. He believes his brother is dead and mourns him still, he holds a grudge against Clinton for the death of his brother and wishes to turn the River Snakes vendetta against him.

William "Billy the Butcher" O'Brien

Former leader of the River Snakes; Mitch O'Brien's brother; presumed killed by Clinton Raymond; Clinton's adversary. Billy faked his own death he was very convincingly shot and left for dead. But he didn't die like planned and now is gathering power from The Others through contacts to bring them down on Clinton's head.

Malcolm Prentis

King of Wands; a decisive man who is given to quiet deliberation. Some of his undesirable traits include a quick temper and/or self-righteousness.

Levi Rasmussen

King of Cups; a conductor with the city symphony. Levi seeks to build alliances with the other courts. He is willing to offer favors and information to anyone in need.

Heather Raymond

Clinton Raymond's wife. Heather sleeps with other men to get her husband's attention and get revenge on him for being gone so much and not seeming to care about her. Heather has a soft personality and matching smile, but there is a savage anger behind her eyes that bespeaks a woman who if pushed will do anything.

Ack Risis

Criminal specializing in stolen weapons; an associate of Kim Lim. He is being blackmailed by Clinton Raymond for his involvement with the O'Brien brothers and River Snakes.

Mara Sanders

Friend and confidant of Ezekiel Decker; exotic dancer at the Lonely Flower. Mara has an extremely low self-esteem, she attaches herself easily to others that pay her the slightest attention or pays her any compliment.

Mia Sanders

Associate of Ignacio Erikson; exotic dancer at the Lonely Flower; Mara Sanders' life partner; owes money to Kim Lim. Mia is paranoid and strung out most of the time. When she is not performing she spends a lot of the time trying to relax and sometimes spend that time with Mara. She is often neglectful and can be abusive with her quick tongue and witty barbed come-backs.

Joseph Schmuckatelli

Western regional director at the Iverson Group; Ignatio Erikson's racquetball partner. What seems like such a well put-together man is such a cruel and twisted man inside. Joseph keeps the demeanor of the Iverson director to keep is identity as a liaison to The Others hushed. He launders money through Ignatio unknowing he is befriending the enemy.

Siobon Towns

Nicky Donaldson's girlfriend; kindergarten teacher. Siobon crossed the puddle when her parents got a divorce and her mother moved to the states. Siobon quickly fell in with the wrong crowd and crawled her way back from the darkest places. It has been a long journey for Siobon, and she helps others come back from the darkest places. Teaching is her greatest love, but she sometimes doesn't separate work and the outside world.

Samuel Weatherby

Bank teller at the Bank of America; subordinate of Ignacio Erikson. Samuel loves his mundane seeming exterior so he can more easily seduce women to his home where he wines and dines them. Sam is quite the womanizer and his bed has seen a vast number of women since he moved to the city. His latest conquest is Christina Donaldson, he works with her and because she has a boyfriend it makes her a challenge. Sam is not always cautious of sexual harassment laws, but he turns to Clinton Raymond to cover those records.

Scott Whitney

Friend and coworker of Ezekiel Decker. Scott is a hard working roofer from back east. He has mild turrets buy most over look that as part of his Brooklyn accent. Scott is rough on the outside, but once that exterior is cracked he is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Misty Workman

Ezekiel Decker's employer; informant used by Clinton Raymond. Misty and Deck used to date, but while they could not be lovers they remained friends. Misty sometimes has an overbearing personality. She is independent in her actions and is shows quite plainly to others. Her strong personality sometimes makes her hard to approach and does make friendships and relationships tough to initiate.

The Devil

Also known as Baphomet; the Devil has transcended his humanity and is almost more like the others than mankind now. He continues to wage war on the others by deceit, trickery, and through pacts with darker powers. Baphomet will offer supplicants anything they desire, for a price.

The Hermit

Sometimes called Diogenes; the Hermit possesses great stores of practical knowledge. Those who seek him may learn more than they bargain for. He does not take part in the activities of the courts and if he battles the forces of darkness, he does so in his own way.

Wheel of Fortune

She calls herself Fortuna and she appears when it seems most unlikely. Fortuna claims not to shape fate, though many consider it well within her power to do so.

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