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I am Bill, AKA king_kaboom. A long time resident of Reno, Nevada, currently living in Klamath Falls, Oregon and obsessive game enthusiast. I've been playing role-playing games since around 1992 and running games for most of that period. Additionally I have undergraduate degrees in art history and sociology, and I finished my master's degree in counseling and education psychology in 2008. All together I'm an over-educated kid who never intends to grow up. I was a former moderator for the Reno Roleplayers Yahoo Group as well.

I will be using this space to help coordinate some of my game efforts. You may also be interested in my contributions to the Exalted Wiki.


Bruce and I only recently started playing together. He's also the first KFalls player I've suckered into using's wiki. He was a regular attendee of my D&D Encounters series; Thunderspire Mountain Enhanced.

Mary played with me for more than two years. We began with Vampire the Requiem and covered a great deal of territory over that time. Her favorite game is Exalted and she has many contributions on the Exalted Wiki.

Steve and I played quite a few games including my Age of Apocalypse, Hyperstructure Aurora, and several Exalted series.



Age of Apocalypse Rifts Week by Week
Awaken to the Forsaken World Shinobi
Hyperstructure Aurora The Last Best Hope



A Demon Haunted Land (Exalted) Magocracy of Dholavira (D&D)
Blasters and Bushwhackers (Rifts) Murcon's Syndrom (Wild Talents)
Bounty-head Zyzx (Star Wars) Mystery of the Miasma (Rifts)
Buckle Your Swash! (D&D) No Place Like Home (D&D)
Chainsaw (Rifts) Of Blood and Dust (World of Darkness)
Chanson de Geste (D&D) Randy O'Leary's Robotic Ranger (Rifts)
Cherry Blossoms on the River (Exalted) Rocker Valley Saga (Exalted)
Chi-Town Fire Department (Rifts) Scions of Mirth & Madness (Exalted)
Chronicles of Kenafin (D&D) Siege of Pampanga (Star Wars)
Dr. Froterist Returns (Underground) Spring in the Land of Nod (Scion)
Etholen Lost (Scion) Symbiosis (Rifts)
Everybody Knows (Mage the Awakening) Tainted Hearts (D&D)
Hunters of Bhaal (Forgotten Realms) The Hunt (World of Darkness)
In the Vale of the Beast People (D&D) The Prophet (Rifts)
King of the Road (Rifts) The Professionals (Rifts)
Khol's Machine (Rifts) Tragic Opera of the Sith (Star Wars)
Leaves and Branches (Exalted) Warewolves (World of Darkness)
Magic the Gathering (Home Brew) Winter's Grasp (D&D)

Other Notes[edit]

General D&D Notes

Malifaux Roleplaying

Mutants & Masterminds Characters

ORE Musings

Role-Playing Games as Soap Opera

Shadowrun 4 Characters

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