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RPGnet Administrator. I oversee the administration of RPGnet for Skotos. I'm also the main programmer, which means that I've put most of the new software in place over the last couple of years. This Wiki is my doing, based upon an idle suggestion by ChristopherA, as is the current review system.

RPG Writer. I've done professional work on a variety of RPG systems including Ars Magica, Pendragon, Nephilim, and Call of Cthulhu. I'm currently working on some material for HeroQuest. My biggest contributions were to Tribunals of Hermes: Rome, Tales of Chivalry and Romance, Tales of Magic and Miracles, Nephilim Gamemasters Companion, and the original rules for Hero Wars.

Board Game Maven. One of my biggest current interests is actually board games. You can find scores of reviews that I've written here at RPGnet; they're posted on Wednesdays.