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'''Awareness: 12'''
'''Awareness: 12'''
*Insight: 3/3
*Insight: 3/3
*Observation: 2/2
*Observation: 1/1
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'''Intelligence: 8'''
'''Intelligence: 8'''
*Craft: 1/1
*Linguistics: 1/1
*Linguistics: 1/1

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V Scato.png

Verania Scato

Age (Gender): 22 (female)
Homeland: Argos
Caste (Trait): Trader (Haunted)
Trader Story: It Walked the Decks
Archetype: Merchant Captain

  • relationships with investors in my home port
  • relationships with merchants, chandlers, and port officials in any of the ports you frequent

Nature/Education: Gregarious/Once a Merchant
Pirate Story: Shipwrecked
Social Standing: 2

Appearance: Verania has dark brown hair and the suntanned skin tone common among Argossians who spend much of their life at sea. She is slender and of average height, her most notable feature being the prominent aquiline nose common to the Scato family.
Personality: Verania has a pleasant demeanor and is generally friendly but business-like, typically deflecting personal questions.
Languages: Argossean, Aquilonean, Kushite, Vendhyan

Fortune Points: 2


  • The vast fortunes of the great trading dynasties and nations of Hyboria should be applied to the complete eradication of sorcery and black magic.


Bonus Damage: Ranged +3 | Melee +0 | Presence +Z


  • Sword: Range or Reach X, Grip X, Size X, Damage X, Qualities (X, Y), Loads X
  • Dagger: Range or Reach X, Grip X, Size X, Damage X, Qualities (X, Y), Loads X

Stress & Harm
Vigor: 7/7 | Wounds:
Resolve: 9/9 | Trauma:

Courage Soak: X
Armor Soak (Armor Type): Head X, Right Arm X, Left Arm X, Torso X, Right Leg X, Left Leg X
Armor Qualities:


Agility: 7

  • Acrobatics:
  • Melee:
  • Stealth:

Awareness: 12

  • Insight: 3/3
  • Observation: 1/1
  • Survival:
  • Thievery:

Brawn: 7

  • Athletics: 1/1
  • Resistance:

Coordination: 9

  • Parry: 3/3
  • Ranged Weapons:
  • Sailing: 3/3

Intelligence: 8

  • Alchemy:
  • Craft: 1/1
  • Healing:
  • Linguistics: 1/1
  • Lore:
  • Warfare:

Personality: 11

  • Animal Handling:
  • Command: 1/1
  • Counsel: 1/1
  • Persuade: 4/4
  • Society: 5/5

Willpower: 8

  • Discipline: 1/1
  • Sorcery:


  • Sea Raider (Argos): The Difficulty of all Sailing tests made in your homeland’s waters and of Athletics tests related to swimming are reduced by 1.
  • Sea-trader (Trader Caste talent): Due to your familiarity with the coastal trade routes, you’ve developed a network of friends and allies in the various port cities, and know your way around such environments. In coastal settlements, you gain the Tradesman talent (When Carousing, if you do not have sufficient Gold to pay your Upkeep, you may offer your services to a tradesman or to a guild in order to cover your Upkeep). When engaging in trade, you gain an additional +1d20 when rolling for Persuade or Discipline tests to get the best deals.
  • Shipbuilder (Trader Caste talent): The craft of shipbuilding is zealously guarded by the members of your caste. You gain the Sea Raider talent and +1d20 on any Craft test to repair or maintain a watercraft.
  • Sixth Sense (Insight Rank 1): You may re-roll one d20 when making an Insight test, but you must accept the new result. In the event of an ambush, you gain 1 additional bonus point of Momentum. If the Insight test was requested because of sorcerous or otherwise unnatural phenomena, the gamemaster must reveal this.
  • Pierce the Veil (Insight Rank 2): Whenever you are in the presence of the supernatural or beings with unusual powers — particularly if you are not aware of them — the gamemaster should call for you to attempt an Average (D1) Insight test. On success, you recognize that the other being (or presence) has supernatural abilities, and may spend 2 Momentum to identify the type of abilities
  • Know the Signs (Insight Rank 3): Whenever you are in the presence of a person or object that was affected by supernatural abilities within the last six hours, you may attempt an Insight test, with a Difficulty equal to the number of hours ago the person or object was affected. On success, you can recognize the taint of the supernatural. By spending 2 points of Momentum, you can identify the specific powers in use.

Spells & Formulae


  • Several sets of plain traveling clothes
  • Suit of decent clothing
  • Sea chest
  • A share in a small merchant watercraft
  • Sword
  • A leather-bound folio of detailed notes about trade routes
  • A coin of ancient Valusia, stamped with the face of savage king
  • A fine dress
  • Dagger: scarred, but holds your family heraldry.

Gold: 16 | Upkeep: 4 (3+2-1)

Character Story

Verania was the youngest child of a wealthy merchant captain, and her early life was a happy one, travelling with her father, mother, and older brother to distant realms, with just enough adventure to keep things exciting but not especially dangerous. Until one night on the final leg of a journey from Vendhya, only a few days from home, the ship's crew was attacked by a wretched horror that began slaying them one by one or driving them to madness. Somehow Verania thought she knew how the horror could be fought, and worked with her father and brother to set a trap for it. The unspeakable horror was grievously wounded, but not destroyed. In its fury, Verania's family and the remainder of the crew were killed, and the ship itself destroyed. Verania herself faced the monster with only a dagger, which the creature raked with a claw, causing it to fall. Verania closed her eyes and prepared for the worst... but when she opened them a minute later, the horror was inexplicably gone.

She saved herself, clinging to a piece of wreckage until it floated to a shore.


Character Questions

  • How long ago was the It Walked the Decks scenario, Captain Scato?

"Well, I can't in all candor use the title of Captain just yet, unless being the last surviving crew member ten minutes before a ship sinks counts. I was first officer, and my brother held the office of Captain on the Lady Caprenia. Those events occurred two years ago."

  • Are you currently the captain of a ship, or trying to get back to that?

"I'm trying to get back to that now. I've spent the last two years putting my father's estate in order. I am the sole heir, but our last voyage was highly leveraged, and both my family and its fortune now lie at the bottom of the sea. So most of the estate had to be sold to pay off creditors. Which wasn't easy, but the Scatos always pay their debts, and I'm fairly well placed to make my own fortune now."

  • Was that share in a watercraft something you inherited, earned, or won? Is there a short tale there?

"Inherited, the last substantial piece of the estate, and the one with the greatest profit potential."

  • Is this your sea-book, built through hard labor on the water passages, or did it fall into your hands through a less noble route?

"The Scatos have always been men and women of honor, sir. The sea-book is mine, though most of the hard labor was my father's, over many years. I was just able to save it and some other important papers in an oilcloth case before the Lady Caprenia vanished beneath the waves."

  • One of the investors you know is trying to buy you out of your share of the ship, and using strongarm tactics to do so. What's the last failed attempt they made, Verania?

"Oh, Alexis Manatos? I just explained to him that I don't have any desire to sell, and made my position clear to him. I also mentioned that the Scato name still means something in this town, and that, hypothetically, should trouble arise from whatever corner, my family has a number of favors that could be called in. Alexis wasn't happy, but I think we now understand each other."

  • Another of the investors owes your parents a debt that cannot be repaid. Why is that?

"Yes, Minas Zannides. He's an old friend of the family, invested in both this ship and in the last voyage of the Lady Caprenia. He was also over-leveraged as a result. Given our other ties, I decided that preserving our business relationship was more important than being a stickler over the debt. And he's known me since I was a baby. Not that I would let sentiment intrude, of course. It's simply a sound business decision in the long term to keep a valuable partner solvent."

Unfortunately, the Homeland and Caste talents don't have ranks, so there's no stacking on Sea Raider. The advantage to you is that your family is known as talented shipbuilders, with secrets of the craft. Additionally, while all Argosseans have that Sea-Raider talent, the Scato's are known even in Argos for their sailing ability.