Shadow of the Sorcerer

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Verania Scato - Vigor: 7/7 | Resolve: 9/9 | Wounds/Trauma: none | Fortune Points: 1
  • Metea of Gorgothica - Vigor: 14/14 | Resolve: 8/9 (8) | Wounds/Trauma: temple gash (healing) + clock run (healing) | Fortune Points: 2
  • Sylia - Vigor: 4/9 | Resolve: 8/8 (7) | Wounds/Trauma: forehead gash (healing) | Fortune Points: 3
  • Maro - Vigor: 12/13 | Resolve: 9/9 | Wounds/Trauma: dog bite to left leg (healing) | Fortune Points: 2
  • Calhar Redwool - Vigor: 6/12 | Resolve: 9/9 (8) | Wounds/Trauma: deep gash to right leg (2 Wounds) | Fortune Points: 2

Sample Shadow of the Sorcerer Character Sheet


  • Thyra, daughter of Antaeus
  • Stygian lord, strongly resembles the other Stygian
  • Zuri, merciful, loving, prejudiced, pockmarked, stocky, very good posture, reputation as sanguine, allergic
    • "We can go to Zuri's place by the docks," Verania explains. "My family knew him when he was a merchant in Kush, bought goods from him regularly on our port calls and got to know him and his family. About five years ago, he ran afoul of a criminal gang in the city, and we got Zuri and his family to safety. And his gold, which he was able to use to set up shop here in Argos, where he sells supplies like tar, rope, and oakum to ship captains. He's a friend, I trust him."

Lore, Rumors, and Leads[edit]

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Summary of Actions[edit]

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Momentum Spends[edit]

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Spending Fortune Points[edit]

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Damage Type: Stress, Soak, Recovery[edit]

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Displays of Might and Power[edit]

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