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NAME: Ignatz Ruhig

Species: Human

Class: Rogue Career Thief Career Level: 1 Career Path: x; Status: Brass 1

Age: 20; Height: 5'9"; Hair: Black; Eyes: Grey

WS: 36 BS: 27 S: 35 T: 29 I: 40 (2ADV) Ag: 43 (5ADV) Dex: 28 Int: 32 WP: 41 (4ADV) Fel: 27

Wounds: 11

Fate: 3; Fortune: 3; Resilience: 3; Resolve: 3; Motivation: Survival

Experience - Current: 20 Spent: 350 Total: 370

Basic Skills: Art (Dex) 28%; Athletics (Ag) 48%; Bribery (Fel) 27%; Charm (Fel) 30%; Climb (S) 40%; Cool (WP) 46%; Consume Alcohol (T) 29%; Dodge (Ag) 53%; Drive (Ag) 43%; Endurance (T) 34%; Entertain (Fel) 27%; Gamble (Int) 32%; Gossip (Fel) 30%; Haggle (Fel) 30%; Intimidate (S) 35%; Intuition (I) 45%; Leadership (Fel) 27%; Melee (Basic) (WS) 41%; Navigation (I) 40%; Outdoor Survival (Int) 32%; Perception (I) 45%; Ride (Ag) 43%; Row (S) 35%; Stealth (urban) (Ag) 48%

Grouped & Advanced Skills: Animal Care (Int) 32%; Evaluate (Int) 37%; Language (Thieves Tongue) (Int) 32%; Language (Bretonnian) (Int) 32%; Lore (Reikland) (Int) 32%; Ranged (bow) (BS) 27%

Talents: Doomed (When the wheel turns, the blade falls), Savvy (+5 Int), Pure Soul, Read/Write, Ambidextrous, Alley cat, Strike to Stun, Flee!

Armour: leather jack, leggins, skullcap, Locations: Body, arms, legs, head Enc: 2, AP: 1, Qualities: N/A

Weapons: Dagger, Group: Melee, Enc: 0, Range/Reach: Very short, Damage: SB+2, Qualities: None Sword, Group: Melee, Enc: 1, Range/Reach: average, Damage: SB+4, Qualities: None

Trappings: Clothes, pouch, sling bag, 3 matches, 2 candles, hood, crowbar, sack, writing kit, cloak

Encumbrance - Armour: 2, Weapons: 1, Trappings: 1; Total: 4; Max Encumbrance (that you can carry): 5

Psychology: Arguably sane. General mistrust of everyone, dislike of nobles/courtiers and watchmen, almost complete lack of altruism (what little he has is aimed downwards), and decidedly casual attitude to crime in general.

Corruption & Mutation: None

Wealth - D: 8 SS: 0 GC: 0

Background: Ignatz doesn't know anything about his family, other than his parents sold him to a thief-keeper when he was four years old. He grew up learning to pick pockets and creep around the alleys without making a sound, and was given the name "Ruhig" (Quiet) by the other thieves. His keeper always had an eye to the future, and the kids who showed an aptitude were sent to the local Temple of Verena, where a Lorekeeper taught them to read. Some of them went on to serve in nobles' houses, all the better to blend in while casing the place, while Ignatz was trained as a burglar and footpad.

He never expected to get old - what thief does? - but it was still a nasty surprise when one night the mark he was following turned out to be leading him into a trap laid by the watch. They didn't take kindly to his attempt to escape, and Ignatz woke up in a cell scheduled to hang.