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The Witchhunter's Lackeys[edit]

This wiki is for the Witchhunter's Lackeys on RPG.net

IC Thread[1]

OOC Thread[2]

Orokos[3] online dice roller.


Ignatz Ruhig[4], a male Human Thief, played by @strangebehaviour

Otto Kaufmann[5], a male Human Fencer, played by @Ebony

Katheline Walich[6], a female Human Apothecary, played by @mistermisterw

Vlad Nabukov[7]. a male Human Wrecker, played by @bikewrench


Wolfram Klemm, a male Human Pit Fighter NPC[8]


Reinhold Schoenauer[9], a male Human Witchhunter and direct supervisor of the 'heroes'

Adela Rosenstock[10], a female Human Witchhunter in training and the one who deals with the 'heroes' the most

Wigbert Fürstenberg[11], a male Human Wizard in Schonauer's employ,


Altdorft, Captial of the Empire

  • The Palace of Retribution (officially known as Courts of Justice) with the city of Altdorft. Includes a number of infamous prisons in the dungeons below.


The Howling Hills


100 XP



  • Mutants have been attacking river boats recently. Something has them rilled up.
  • A patrol out of Holidorf is missing.
  • Beast Man are in the Howling Hills and lighting fires at night
  • Goblins are planning to go into what the call the cursed lands to find falling rock from the sky. The Goblin Shaman wants this.
  • Trader in small village is dealing in Warp Stone, selling it to Goblins

How does combat Work?[edit]

To help us with combat in 4th edition some notes...

  • "1: Roll to Hit Melee: To attack, perform an Opposed Melee Test with your Opponent (both you and your opponent Test your Melee Skill - see page 126). Whoever scores the highest SL wins. If you win the Test, you hit your opponent and gain +1 Advantage. If you lose the Opposed Test, your opponent gains +1 Advantage and your Action is finished."
    • So you don't deal damage in Melee when you are defending BUT you do gain Advantage for your next attack.
  • "2: Roll to Hit Ranged: Roll a Ranged Test for the weapon you’re using. If you are successful, you hit your opponent and gain +1 Advantage. If you fail, your Action is over. Your opponent doesn’t gain Advantage in ranged combat."
    • So you only have to make a defense roll if your opponent hits you. You can normally only dodge but a larger shields allows you to use WS to block it as it where.

And for dealing damage...

  • "Take the SL of your Opposed Test and add it to the Weapon Damage of the weapon you’re using. This final number is your Damage."
    • So if the attacker is the winnder, even if you both 'failed', they deal damage equal to the basic amount +/-1 their SL.

And the Re-Reading Dramatic Test and Success Levels and Opposed Tests.

  • "The party with the highest SL wins the Test. If both participants score the same SL, the party with the higher tested Skill or Characteristic wins. In the unlikely event there is still a tie, then one of two things, as determined by the GM, occurs: 1) there is a stalemate, and nothing happens; 2) both parties re-roll until there is a clear winner."
    • So in Melee Combat the one with the best SL wins even if they both "failed" their skill rolls. I am probably going to ignore that last part as it MIGHT slow down the game and just give the 'win' to the Player-Characters.