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Hekate Orielis

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"A well prepared mind is a fortress against any coercion."

High Concept

Ravenclaw's Ravenclaw Hekate is astoundingly clever. Her mind could best be described as 'twisty', and has been. Where some people think two or three or four moves ahead, she doesn't worry much about the individual moves - she thinks in terms of the forks in the road ahead. And instead of looking at those forks and seeing 'go right' or 'go left', she's just as likely to dig a hole or climb a tree.

Invoke: Invoke when extreme cleverness is called for.
Compel: Sometimes, one can be too clever. Compel when cleverness bites her in the arse.

School Aspect

Rowena's Raven Hekate has gained a reputation amongst the Ravenclaw House. Not just for cleverness, but for memory. As with all reputation, there's some truth to it, and some distortion. Also as with all reputation, there are people who judge her solely by what they've heard, and not always for her good.

Invoke: To call upon respect from other Ravenclaws.
Compel: When other Ravenclaws - or certain ghosts - get jealous of her reputation.

Wizarding World Aspects

Saved the life of a Slytherin

Invoke: To be tolerated by older Slytherins and maybe even respected by newer ones.
Compel: To be looked at askance by the rest of the school.

I didn't buy my wand.

Invoke: When her wand allows her to do something surprising.
Compel: When having a decidedly non-standard wand attracts the wrong kind of interest. When the wand surprises her.


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Clever

Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Forceful/Quick

Blackfate.png Careful/Sneaky

Blackfatezero.png Flashy


Wood: Blackthorn 13" | Core: Centaur Hair | Flexibility: Whippy

Wand Stunt: Warrior's Heart, Craftsman's Soul

+2 when Cleverly creating Advantages to protect / defend.


Hypatia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_owl

Pet Stunt:

Never see it coming

Little Owls are small and quick. Once per session, she has the automatic Advantage: Unnoticed, with 1 Free Invoke.

Character Stunts

Stunt 1: An Oblique Approach

Because I'm Ravenclaw's Ravenclaw, I can use Clever to attack in place of Forceful.

Stunt 2: Who needs the Marauder's Map?

Because I'm Rowena's Raven, my knowledge of Hogwarts is unparalleled, giving me the ability to show up anywhere in Hogwarts once per scene as long as I can physically get there.

Stunt 3: Wisdom defeats the Fog of Battle

Her mind is so sharp, she can see and take advantage of things others cannot, gaining a +2 to Cleverly Create and Advantage against an enemy she knows or has been able to observe for more than 5 minutes.

Stress & Conditions

Stress Track

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png


D2b.png (Mild)

D4b.png (Moderate)

D6a.png (Severe)

Refresh D3b.png

Character Background

Hekate is of Greek / Scottish birth. Her mother is Greek, her father Scottish. Her intelligence showed early, astounding even those worthies. When the time came, it was, of course, given that she'd go to Hogwarts.

To her parents' surprise, they did not have to buy her a wand. On her 11th birthday, a Little Owl flew into their home and dropped a Blackthorn Wand at her feet.

What was I doing during the Battle of Hogwarts (two years prior)? With Voldemort rising, her parents did not want Hekate at Hogwarts, but she wouldn't hear of staying away. Granted, it would be dangerous, but there was nowhere to hide, and she still had much to learn.

During the battle of Hogwarts, Hekate saved the life of a younger Slytherin girl, delaying a werewolf long enough for one of the teachers to deal with him.

What was my focus before the battle? Hekate has always dreamed of being a teacher at Hogwarts, and all her attention was focused there, mastering all the forms of magic as much as she could.

What is my focus in the aftermath of the battle? She still wants to be a teacher, but she's decided to go about it a little differently. Now, she plans to spend some time as an Auror first, so she can teach with some real world experience.

Who are my parents/guardians, and what (if any) is their place in the wizarding world? Hekate is Pureblood as far back as either side of the family can show. She is, on her father's side, distantly related to the Weasleys, in fact. Her mother's family has been pureblood in Greece since sometime before Justinian. Neither side has ever produced a dark wizard. Her mother, Lora Orielis, was an Auror in Greece. She put that aside to raise her daughter, but has since picked it up again. Her father on the other hand, is a noted Broom maker. His brooms can hold their own against some of the best, but they're bespoke. He sells mostly to professional Quidditch players.

Extra Curricular Classes

Hekate is studying Muggle Studies and Ancient Runes.

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