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Lance Whateley

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Sigh, "What is it this time?"

High Concept

On Trouble's Speed Dial: Trouble has a way of finding you. Whether it's some magical creature attacking the students, a lost magical artifact, or even just an upcoming Quidditch match, you'll be there. Sometimes you are dragged into the fray, such as the magical creature attacking you or the magical artifact falling into your lap. Other times someone nearby gets pulled in where you can see them, like someone needing a substitute for their Quidditch match, in which case, one way or another, it will become your problem.

Invoke: When drawing experience from previous incidents.​ When getting help from those you've helped before. When turning a troublesome circumstance to your advantage.
Compel: When some sort of new trouble or incident starts up. When you feel the need to help others with their troubles. When your troubles get out of hand.

School Aspect

A Gryffindor Prefect, Somehow: You've been named a Prefect for House Gryffindor. You are... not sure that you are a good choice for this. You've said as much to the Head of Gryffindor and to the Headmaster, but they insisted that you were the right choice, so here you are now. Juggling your Prefect duties with everything else that's happening is going to be rough, but you'll try your best. You promised that much at least.

Invoke: When you use your knowledge or authority as a prefect. When you give your all when performing your duties. When dealing with other Prefects.
Compel: When your duties interfere with your other activities. When your prefect status puts you to a higher standard. When others question your status as a prefect.

Wizarding World Aspects

Between Two Worlds: You've been brought up as part of both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds. Your father was a Muggle while your mother was a Wizard. You lived in a house filled with potion ingredients, bubbling cauldrons, and advanced (for the time, at least) electronics. Your allowance came in both paper money and gold galleons. Your family trips make use of Portkeys as much as they used airplanes. You were taught both the inticacies of potion making and computer programming.

Invoke: When using your unique perspective to make creative solutions. When using Muggle items or concepts.
Compel: When your strange upbringing alienates you.

Mommy's Little Alchemist: Your mother is well versed in potion-making, enough to make a living out of it. She taught you everything you know about potions and potion ingredients, from simple Potions of Forgetfulness and Herbicide, to Sleeping Draughts and poison Antidotes, to such complex concoctions as Everlasting Elixirs and the Draught of Living Death. You know how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death... or at least that's what your mom said.

Invoke: When using a potion to solve a problem. When identifying potions and their effects.
Compel: When your potions go wrong.


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Clever

Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Careful/Forceful

Blackfate.png Quick/Sneaky

Blackfatezero.png Flashy


Wood: Alder | Core: Phoenix Feather | Flexibility: Unyielding

Like a Leaf Dancing In the Wind:

Alder wood wands are well suited for non-verbal spellcasting, though you are not as good at silent spells as you are at verbal ones you are good enough to still use them. When using this wand, you gain a +2 bonus to Sneakily cast spells to create an advantage.


Wolfgang: Wolfgang is the family owl, he is very old and very big. The owl is almost half Lance's size, though most of that is just fluff. Lance is very sure that no species of owl lives as long as Wolfgang has, and suspects that he is some kind of magical owl.

The Wise Old Hunting Owl:

Wolfgang is old. Like, really old. You're pretty sure owls are not supposed to live as long as this guy has. He's really good at his job, good enough to hunt people down anyway. Once per game session, Lance may ask his owl to find or deliver a message to anyone he knows. He's not sure how the old owl can find them, he just does.

Character Stunts

Crazy Enough to Work:

You are proficient at improvising your way through trouble. Whenever you or your friends are in trouble, usually some sort of imminent danger, you can use Clever in place of Quick to create an advantage.

Mysteries of the School:

After years of getting caught up in Hogwarts' various mysteries and rumors, you've become familiar with the wizarding school. You gain a +2 bonus to Cleverly overcome an obstacle that involves Hogwarts castle or its history.

The Potion Maker's Journal:

Your mother gave your her journal, her compiled knowledge of both potion-making and potion ingredients. Including how to gather or substitute certain reagents. This grants a +2 bonus to Carefully overcome an obstacle relating to potions or potion making (usually, a lack of ingredients or a recipient's allergies).

Stress & Conditions

Stress Track

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png


D2b.png (Mild)

D4b.png (Moderate)

D6a.png (Severe)

Refresh D3b.png

Character Background

The first thing people learn about Lance is that he is a magnet for trouble. It seems like every other month he finds some lost magical artifact, or gets targeted by a hostile magical creature, or is jumping to aid someone in trouble. This has continued throughout his stay at Hogwarts and has given him something of a reputation in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Depending on who you ask, he's either a troublemaker that gets away with his shenanigans far too often or some sort of knight in shining armor that would help a person in trouble no matter who they are. There doesn't seem to be any in-between. This reputation worsened recently, as after the departure of Harry Potter and the Weasly Twins he has more or less taken over the spotlight as Gryffindor's primary trouble maker.
The second thing most people learn about Lance is that he is a half-blood. The most half-blooded a Wizard can be if the rumors are true. His mother is an accomplished potion master with a pureblood ancestry going back to before the Statute of Secrecy was established, while his father's family's last encounter with the Wizarding World is some obscure cousin a dozen generations back.
Lance has lived and experienced both worlds and knows quite a lot about Wizard and Muggle societies. He has been taught potions and spells by his mother, and science and electronics by his father. If someone has questions about Muggles or Muggle technology, Lance is the one most of the Gryffindor students ask.
The third thing most people learn about Lance is the fact that he has been chosen as one of Gryffindor's Prefects. For a lot of students, and even some teachers, this is quite unexpected. Even beyond Lance's... divisive reputation, several of his fellow Gryffindors have been trying their best to gain the position, with a few of them having spotless records compared to his.
Lance himself is keenly aware of how unfit he is for his position. He has made his worries known to Headmaster McGonagall, but she is quite certain that he is the right choice for the job. For now, he is resigned to his position. If nothing else, he will try his best to fulfill the expectations thrust upon him and stay out of trouble as much as he can. Though he realizes how futile the latter is.
What was I doing during the Battle of Hogwarts (two years prior)? 
Lance was at the school during the Battle, having sneaked back in with the other Gryffindor's using an Invisibility Potion. Lance mostly used his invisibility to drag the wounded to safety, applying salves and healing potions if their wounds were bad enough. He also tried to waylay any Death Eaters he came across, using silent charms and hexes to create obstacles or to knock them out. He sometimes used a Draught of Living Death to incapacitate Death Eaters or anyone too wounded to continue the battle but to stubborn to just sit the battle out.
What was my focus before the battle? 
Even before the battle, Lance's life was pretty hectic. His days consisted of going from trouble to trouble, with a weeks of downtime and studying in between. He didn't really think about his future, instead focusing on whatever incident is happening at the time. During Umbridge's reign, he was helping the DA with potion ingredients and healing salves. During his second year, he was dealing with being Gryffindor's primary substitute Quidditch player, as well as whatever shenanigans manages to pop up that month. His third year was mostly spent protecting the younger years from the Carrows and trying to undermine their authority.
What is my focus in the aftermath of the battle? 
With the departure of Harry Potter and the Weasely Twins, Lance has taken the spotlight as Gryffindor's primary troublemaker. In his fourth year, he has managed to break the Gryffindor record for Most Points Lost In A Year and Most Points Gained In A Year. This year he has been named Prefect, and he is trying his best at setting a good example for the younger Gryffindors and live up to the expectations of his station.
Who are my parents/guardians, and what (if any) is their place in the wizarding world? 
Lance's mother is Willow Whateley, a somewhat renowned potion master, with a family deeply entrenched in the Wizarding World. His father is Clinton Whateley, a Muggle electrician and computer programmer, currently trying to take advantage of the progress of Muggle technology. They've both taught him quite a lot, from brewing potions to data structures.

Extra Curricular Classes

Lance used to takes Arithmancy and Divination as his electives. He initially planned to take Muggle Studies, but his Third Year experience with the subject left a bad taste in his mouth.

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