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Primrose Quimby

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"Character Quote"

High Concept

A Forward-Thinking Witch

More than anything, Primrose has her sights set straight-ahead. While one can indeed learn from the past, that certainly doesn't mean they should absolutely wallow in it. Those who get stuck in such antiquated concepts such as "tradition" are usually too narrow-minded to see the benefits of change. And really, that is what Primrose desires most: Change. She witnessed with with her mother, who used to be under the thumb of her family, but broke free upon marrying her father. Sure, she fell out of favor in certain circles, but she held her head high and soldiered onward. It's because of her mother's strength that Primrose is determined to make her own way in this post-Voldemort world. And Merlin help anyone who stands in her way.

Invoke: When presenting new ideas, when attempting to rouse others into taking action, when pushing back against long-established ideologies
Compel: When she refuses to back down when challenged, when she injects her unwarranted opinions, when she insists her way is better

School Aspect

A Savvy Slytherin Prefect

In possession of a sharp mind and wit, Primrose is no slouch in the academic department, which has earned her a spot as Prefect. Though it should noted that she is not only book smart, despite all appearances. She's highly perceptive as a result of her need to keep tabs on just about everything and everyone around her. While she isn't one to gossip, she certainly has a tendency to "accidentally" overhear hushed conversations not meant for her ears. If there's something to be found out, Primrose relishes in being the one to figure it out. "Information Is All" as she likes to think... and it can be a very powerful tool if utilized correctly. Some may think of her as callous for her willingness to hold a proverbial Sword of Damocles over the heads of others, but when you dwell in a house of serpents, you have to make sure you're never the vulnerable one.

Invoke: When exercising her authority to suss out vital info, when tactfully using knowledge gained for noble purposes, when acting justly in her position as Prefect
Compel: When her propensity for finding out secrets distracts her from her duties, when someone questions if her morals are right for the job, when she gets too aggressive in enforcing rules

Wizarding World Aspects

A Mourning Sister

The Battle of Hogwarts was not without its casualties. One of them was Primrose's older brother Oleander. While she herself didn't participate in the fight, he did, being the loyal Hufflepuff he was. As such she harbors some guilt over not being present even though it was Oleander who encouraged her to leave the school, viewing her as too young to take part. It's very much still a sore spot for her -- a wound that never fully healed -- and is perhaps the one true flaw in her emotional defenses. Her parents have made it clear that there was nothing she could've done lest she would've perished as well, though that doesn't completely absolve her from any fault in her own eyes. The one thing she's done as an attempt to "make amends" has been to join the Dueling Club which Oleander himself was part of. It's the best way to honor his memory...

Invoke: When acting in a capacity she deems similar to that of her brother, when trying to be the bigger person in a disagreement, when showing unprompted kindness to others
Compel: When someone brings up the fact that she left during the Battle of Hogwarts, when faced with acts of bravery performed by others, when her integrity is compared to that of her brother's

A Burgeoning Legilimens/Occlumens

As it turns out, Primrose has a natural-born talent for the arts of Legilimency and Occlumency. Both abilities are something her own mother is skilled in -- and she was in the process of tutoring Primrose's brother Oleander in it before he perished. Now, Primrose is her mother's new student, and it's been quite exciting for her. Learning to peer into the minds of others while shielding her own mind from invasive probing, she's been trying her best (honest!) not to abuse this newfound talent. Her mother gave her strict instructions never to use it recklessly, citing past experiences of her own. Her mother's side of the family, the Yaxleys, possessed a rare few members who also had these abilities -- and not many (save Primrose's mother) used them for anything good. Thus, heeding these words of warning, Primrose is determined to exercise responsibility and restraint... though the temptation to do otherwise is always ever present in her mind.

Invoke: When suspicious of someone's true intentions, when the disclosure of hidden information could save lives, when her own knowledge of something has to absolutely remain a secret
Compel: When the temptation to know something becomes too great, when intruding into another's mind calls her trustworthiness into question, when she potentially learns something that shakes her confidence


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Clever

Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Careful/Sneaky

Blackfate.png Forceful/Quick

Blackfatezero.png Flashy


Wood: Silver Lime | Core: Unicorn Hair | Flexibility: Hard, 12"

A Methodical Approach:

+2 when Carefully casting spells to Overcome actions.


Xerxes: A regal Great Horned Owl with an intense, unblinking stare. He belonged to her mother and was her family's owl. When she was excised from said family, Xerxes followed her without a moment's hesitation. Protective by nature, he stayed behind during the Battle of Hogwarts and got injured trying to shield Oleander from harm. He's since recovered, though there is a notably melancholic air lingering about him.

Flying Aegis:

+2 to Cleverly Defend when Xerxes swoops in to act as a shield or distraction against an opponent.

Character Stunts

Combat Prescience:

Because of Primrose's skill in Legilimency, she's good at getting into people's heads. As such, she gains a +2 to Sneakily Attack opponents preemptively when threatened.

A Lot of Knowledge:

Being the avid reader she is, Primrose has internalized a sizable amount of important facts. She gains a +2 to Cleverly Create Advantages in situations that can be resolved through the application of what she's learned.


Having a way with words, Primrose naturally excels at getting her way. She gains a +2 to Carefully Overcome obstacles in social situations.

Stress & Conditions

Stress Track

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png


D2b.png (Mild)

D4b.png (Moderate)

D6a.png (Severe)

Refresh D3b.png

Character Background

Primrose Eleanor Quimby is a resident of Aberystwyth, Wales where she dwells with her parents, Hollister and Forsythia Quimby. She's the youngest of their children, her only other sibling being her older brother Oleander whom she got on famously with before his death. The family lives a comfortable life -- her father played Quidditch professionally as Keeper for the Caerphilly Catapults before retiring to write for the sports section of the Daily Prophet, while her mother is employed by the Ministry of Magic as an Interrogator for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

What was I doing during the Battle of Hogwarts (two years prior)?

Primrose left the school on the insistence of her brother with some of the other Slytherins. She really did want to stay behind since he was, but ultimately caved. It's a decision she still views as a mistake to this day. If they had been together, they could've watched out for one another.

What was my focus before the battle? 

Before the battle Primrose was focused on being at the top of her year academically (and still is, really). She greatly enjoyed Potions and Charms, and upon entering her third year grew equally fond of Arithmancy. She even began to consider what her post-Hogwarts career would be, though most of her thoughts became focused on the ongoing war -- especially when Dumbledore was killed and the school was subsequently taken over by dark forces. Being in Slytherin afforded her some protection, though she remained vigilant given her mother's former ties to the Yaxley family. Her brother was a constant source of support during these trying times, and she admired the way he selflessly stood up to the likes of the Carrows despite being punished for doing so. She was never bold enough to do so herself, and looks back on it ashamedly.

What is my focus in the aftermath of the battle? 

Since the battle, Primrose has tried to stride onward with her head held high. She didn't fight in the defense of Hogwarts, though that certainly doesn't mean she's going to shuffle through the rest of her school days listlessly. Her career ambitions have provided her with purpose, eyes set on entering the Ministry post-graduation in some political capacity. Heck, she even reasons she could eventually move up the totem pole enough to have a shot at becoming the Minister of Magic! Primrose does not want to waste any opportunity to soar to greater heights. She views doing anything other than success as an insult to the memory of her brother, whom in wake of his death she strives to live life to the fullest for.

Who are my parents/guardians, and what (if any) is their place in the wizarding world?

Her father is Hollister Quimby, former Gryffindor, former Pro Quidditch player of modest fame (played as Keeper for the Caerphilly Catapults). He's retired now and writes for the sports section of the Daily Prophet. Likely has quite a few admirers, but he's ever faithful to his wife.

Her mother is Forsythia Quimby née Yaxley. Yes, those Yaxleys. She grew up under the thumb of her pureblood parents and was very likely going to be yet another stereotype. Former Slytherin, of course. Was, and still is, known for her overwhelming ambition. Her life took an unexpected turn when a certain pesky Gryffindor boy came along and charmed her (or at least that's what her parents swore happened -- in truth Forsythia and Hollister had begun dating at the end of their fifth year, and kept it under wraps until the middle of their sixth). Finding the strength to break away from her prejudiced upbringing, she's lived a much more fulfilling life since then. She currently works for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as an interrogator of criminals. Being an accomplished Legilimens/Occulmens aids her work greatly.

Also, the Quimby family are an old wizarding name that strayed away from its pureblooded origins sometime ago by marrying muggles/muggleborns/halfbloods.

Extra Curricular Classes

Primrose is studying Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.

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