Wolf Kennedy

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Wolf Kennedy, The Infernal

played by Metal Fatigue in SacredMonsterHearts

Look: distant; burning eyes
Origin: chosen
Image Song: VAST, "Pretty When You Cry"

Hot: 0
Cold: –1
Volatile: +1
Dark: +1


  • Soul Debt (dark power)
  • Dark Recruiter (1XP for bringing an innocent to the dark power)

Dark Power: the Nameless Poisoner of Darkened Stars

  • The Power Flows Through You (A string for +2 before rolling)
  • Elsewise Power (A string to use a move from another skin once)


  • 1 on Bryn Rossaw (holding her pelt)
  • 1 on Father Buckley (who thinks he can save Wolf, though he doesn't know from what)

Conditions: creepy, drained
Harm: 0
Experience: 2