Year of the Monkey

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Delta Green: Year of the Monkey

A Delta Green game set in the year 1968 when everything went bananas.

Format swiped from Iustum.


Test edit for new system


Character Aids

Mechanical Character Information

Investigator Player Hit Points Sanity (Breaking Point) Willpower Violence Adaptation Helplessness Adaptation Wounds Disorders
James Dewey pstjmack 10 60 (48) 12
Daniel Covington Custom 13 55 (48) 12
D.B. Rooney Regular Guy 11 65 (51) 14
Sophia Allman Daxian 9 65 (56) 14
Jimmy Partridge, MD Maledicta 10 60 (47) 13

Investigative Leads

Ivan Berkman

Berkman Autopsy Report

Important NPCs

  • St. John Markham: Delta Green case handler for Task Force Jubilee. Image
  • Ivan Berkman: Delta Green friendly found dead in San Francisco's Chinatown Image