One Ring A Gathering Gloom

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A Gathering Gloom is a PbP game of The One Ring run by Andalusi.

The game is essentially "Middle-Earth's Got Talent" with judges Tom Bombadil, the Mouth of Sauron, and David Hasselhoff (of the Westmarch Hasselhoffs). Will the PCs win the top prize and beat out their rivals, such as the Gundabad Goblin Choir or the Olog-Hai Hotsteppers?

Our hopeful competitors are Svior the Dwarven Slayer, Gudlaeif the Scholar, Gudfru the Warden, Lilly Brandybuck the Wanderer Longo Took the Treasure Hunter, and Nimrodel the Elven Slayer.






Character Endurance Hope XP Fellowship Focus Special Talent
Svior 31 9 0 Gudfru Competitive Gargling
Gudlaeif 28 14 0 Gudfru Extreme Calligraphy
Gudfru 25 15 0 Svior Plate-Spinning
Longo Took 23 19 0 Lilly Freeform Disco
Lilly 22 18 0 Svior Stand-up Philosophy
Nimrodel 25 11 0 Svior Postmodern Morris Dance