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Jeweled Road and the War of Balance

The No Knock List is the short list of the people who do not have to knock to come into King Random's and Queen Viale's bedchamber. Woe to anyone else on the list who tries. Woe to those on the list who barge in on the King and queen at an intimate moment without a suitable universe ended emergency.

Prince Benedict-Marshal of Amber

Tyler Smials King's Privy Secretary. Keeper of the Privy Seal. Cup-bearer.

Duke Shannon Feldane. Second Marshal of Amber 'Warlord of Amber'

Prince Gerard- Commander of the Navy

Hymal Urien-Steward of Amber

Carly Castalwie. Random's Correspondence Secretary

Dame Margot. Chatalaine & Amber Mistress of Festivities.

Harald Chantris "Lord Harry" leader of the Royal Lifeguard. He is Master of Ceremonies of Amber.

Princess Florimel. Minister of Diplomacy

Lucia Feldane. Chief Lady in Waiting to Queen Vielle

Princess Fiona. Chief Sorceress

People not on the list who barge in anyway

Prince Bleys.

Droppa ma pantz