100 Years of Pardon

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Character Name/Secret Name Player Hero Points Stunned Wounded Mortally Wounded
Alex Bishop aka Preacher kokopelli 3
Hector Gaspar, aka Owl's Shadow Muskrat 2
Alonso CardÍn, aka El Mapache Anaxphone 2
Don Macario Aragonés del Torres, aka El Soldado de Cuera Atlictoatl 1

Hideout: Seven Bells Mission[edit]

Seven Bells Mission.png

Location: Rural[edit]

Description: A haunted mission.[edit]


  • Sanctuary (The hideout is located in a haunted mission. The authorities are reluctant to search or scrutinize such locations.)
  • Docks: This feature provides a small boat and facilities for docking, repairing, and supplying small watercraft.
  • Tunnel Network: A series of tunnels leads from the hideout to various locations nearby. Pick two starting locations where a tunnel entrance is located. At the GM’s discretion, Hero Points may be expended to establish a new tunnel in an area during play.
  • Infirmary: Medicines and medical supplies to treat up to three wounded or sick individuals at a time. Doesn’t come with a doctor or nurse.
  • Archives: An extensive collection of records on matters of local history. For a Hero Point, a record regarding a long-time resident or historical transaction can be found here.


Mission San Francisco de Asís[edit]


  • Officially named after Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan Order, the mission seems overwhelmed by the burgeoning city of San Francisco and dwarfed by its neighbor, Mission Dolores Basilica, built 100 years after the mission in 1876.
  • The mission’s simple exterior belies its sophisticated and detailed interior, enhanced by the magnificent ceiling painted by the Indians with vegetable-based paint. The church altar at Mission Dolores features several statues of the saints for whom the missions were named. This stunning and richly decorated interior is one of the most striking in the mission chain.

Presidio Real de San Francisco[edit]


  • 1776: Spanish Captain Juan Bautista de Anza led 193 soldiers, women, and children on a trek from present day Tubac, Arizona, to San Francisco Bay.
  • September 17, 1776: The Presidio began as a Spanish garrison to defend Spain's claim to San Francisco Bay and to support Mission Dolores; it was the northernmost outpost of New Spain in the declining Spanish Empire.
  • 1794: Castillo de San Joaquin, an artillery emplacement was built above present-day Fort Point, San Francisco, complete with iron or bronze cannon.
  • 1776–1821: The Presidio was a simple fort made of adobe, brush and wood. It often was damaged by earthquakes or heavy rains. In 1783, its company was only 33 men. Presidio soldiers' duties were to support Mission Dolores by controlling Indian workers in the Mission, and also farming, ranching, and hunting in order to supply themselves and their families. Support from Spanish authorities in Mexico was very limited.





  • All melee weapons do Brawn +1D damage.
  • Each PC that acts to assist the main PC provides +1D to the roll.