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100 Years of Pardon


Character Name: Don Macario Alejandro Marcial de Rosales Doradas Aragonés del Torres[edit]

Secret Identity: Soldado de Cuera[edit]

The soldado de cuera (English, "leather-jacket soldier") served in the frontier garrisons of northern New Spain, the Presidios. They were mounted and were an exclusive corps in the Spanish Empire. They took their name from the multi-layered deer-skin cloak they wore as protection against Indian arrows. When New Spain's visitador (inspector general) José de Gálvez organized the Portola Expedition, he was accompanied by a party of 25 soldiers, the "finest horsemen in the world."

These frontier soldiers were recruited from among the mestizo population, Hispanicized Indians, and freed slaves. Most of the officers were Criollos, whereas very few of the enlisted men had this distinction. The soldados de cuera manned the presidios that stretched from Los Adaes, Louisiana, in the East, across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, to the Pacific Coast of Alta California in the West. Recruitment took place mainly among the local population, accustomed to the local climate, who were expert horsemen, and expert trackers who knew the country. For the poor general population the service as a soldado de cuera was attractive, with many perks; besides a regular pay, also medical care, the possibility of land grants and promotions.

Character Portrait[edit]

El soldado de cuera med.jpeg

Defense - Dodge: 15 | Parry: 15[edit]

Attributes and Skills[edit]

Agility 3d Brawn 2d Knowledge 2d Perception 3d Charm 2d
Acrobatics Athletics Language Ride 1d Command
Marksmanship Intimidation Medicine Investigate Deceive 1d
Melee 2d Stamina Scholar 1d Stealth Persuasion 2d
Sleight of Hand Throwing Science Survival Willpower


  • (Your character is assumed to have any reasonable gear that matches your background, but feel free to list out any particular items here.)
  • horse
  • leather jacket (cuera) and bull-hide shield (adarga)
  • lance
  • sabre
  • short musket
  • pair of pistols
  • rope
  • manacles
  • extra blankets

Character Background[edit]

Don Macario Alejandro Marcial de Rosales Doradas Aragonés del Torres recently inherited his father's lands, which are noted for their lush golden roses. An attorney by trade, he learned to fight from his maternal uncle, who was trained by Don Macario's maternal grandfather, who had served as an officer of the soldado de cuera in his youth and gained lands as a result. Don Antonio, his father, sought to keep secret the origins of Macario's mother, who is of Spanish descent from her father, but whose mother was descended from a local tribe.

Despite his responsibilities as a local landowner, Don Macario sees himself as a champion of the true spirit of the rule of law of Spain and of the resilience and rights of the local peoples.

Father: Don Antonio Ildefonso Marcial de Rosales Doradas Aragonés Martinez