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Those occult scribblers who know best the secret history of the world say there is a tide that drives human destiny.

Waves crest, breaking ever higher, as our population grows.

The spray and foam are those extraordinary few in each generation who break all limits. Who know no boundaries. Who change the world.

There were a dozen in 1913. World War I. The Great Flu Epidemic. Radio. The Air age.

There were a hundred in 1938. World War II. The Atomic Age. Telephones and electrification.

There were a thousand in 1963. The Cold War. The Space Age. Cellphones and the World Wide Web.

There were a thousand more in 1988. More Wars. The great Aids epidemic. Cell phones The World Wide Web changes human civilization as greatly as the telegraph and printing press before it.

2012. The next wave crests.

I call for players for a Mutant and Masterminds play by posting game. In a world seemingly much like our own, secret forces drive humanity's destiny. For generations, there have been super humans working quietly in the shadows. But their works are getting louder. And the Player's characters will be the loudest of all.

Recruitment will be wide open and no limit to slots -- folks always drop out anyway. Player character Power Level will be 10. Starting power points will be 160 rather than 150, so you can be a little more rounded or have occasionally useful tricks.

Campaign setting is the year 2012 across all of Earth and the solar system, possibly elsewhere in time and space. Elements include Evolution, Aliens, Cosmic destinies, Freedom, Survival.

Background and setting[edit]

There has been Little or no of the classic spandex superhero in the world until recently. Supers are a new thing and individual supers a novelty. Many, including the politically powerful are afraid of supers.

There is a Common origin for supers. You don't understand it.


It defeats the purpose of a superhero game if you're not heroes. And Super.

For various reasons of their own, our heroes are attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta Georgia USA. and It's the first full day of the convention.

Your character has been transformed within the last ten months or so, probably unexpectedly. You have the oppertunity to meet in this crowed venue with friends and on-line acquaintances to discuss what has happened to you, and what you will do next.

There are great changes occurring in the world

There are great evils gathering.

What does it mean to be human?

What is one's duty to the future?

What is the place of the super human in human society?

What is the place of humanity in the universe?

Player Characters[edit]

  • Joseph Williams aka Seizure, Psionic social worker, played by Deadmanwalking.
  • Cratermaker aka Wolfgang Morgan, Badass blaster, played by Xaos
  • Eidolon aka Orestes "Ori" Douglas, 2-D image manipulator, played by KastOwt
  • Perihelion aka Gabriel Stone, Paragon slacker/rocker, played by Bent Paperclip
  • Zip Chik aka Madison Stone, Girl geek teenage speedster, played by Wolfwood2
  • Liu Zhong, Buddhist Earth Controller, played by Hattori
  • Reliquary aka Amanda Penington, Gothic Ghost whisperer, played by David Godner
  • Enigma aka Jason Silversmith, Sparkpunk tech legacy, played by TechOgre
  • Cypher aka Danny Rose, Amazing gadgeteer who talks to reality, played by kidsavior.
  • Everyman aka Scott Kane, Indomitable spirit of humanity. Also, Canadian. Played by Drifter.


Perihelion and Zip Chik are siblings.

Several characters are in the band "Rock Paper Scissors". They're playing at the con.

Enigma is a comedian performing at the con.

Joseph Williams helped Reliquary to overcome the trauma of the ghosts she's absorbed. Joseph knows her psychiatrist Dr Rook is also a telepath.

Everyman knows Father McKinze.

Everyman knew Enigma's father, and is his and RPS's agent / manager for this gig.

Both Gabe and Joseph have a budding interest in Amanda, but neither has made a move.

Danny and Jason are friends and good natured intellectual rivals.

Former Characters[edit]

  • Morpheus (2012) aka Jon Somnius, Angsty punk reality shaper. Was going to be played by Hattori
  • Jake Farhurqarson, Freelance writer, blogger, and boxer. Played by Daz Florp Lebam

Other Personas[edit]

  • Kerri Downbeam, Wolfgang's girlfriend
  • Zoe Aionos, Ori's best friend and aspiring photojournalist
  • Anthony Douglas, Ori's older brother
  • Mister Smith, a time traveller known to Everyman and Enigma. He's worried about the Future. As in he's not sure there is one.
  • Jacob Stone, Gabe and Madison's father
  • Claire Stone, Gabe and Madison's mother
  • Dirk Martin, Drummer for Rock Paper Scissors
  • Edward Pennington: Amanda's dad.
  • Allison Pennington: Amanda's mom.
  • Alan Pennington: Amanda's big brother.
  • Dr. Thomas Rook: Amanda's psyciatrist
  • Father Simon McKinzie: Amanda's parish priest
  • Mercer Jamison: D/FW reporter. Hard-nosed and driven to get the truth. His abrasive ways have hobbled his career to some extent. He and Amanda have never met, but he's obsessed with solving the mystery of the Devil's Night Fires.
  • Professor Blake Arcuri: Physics researcher at Georgia Tech. A bit of a nut, but also a brilliant and semi-respectable scientist.
  • David Clegg: Antiques and books dealer in Geneva Switzerland. Scott has information he is, or is closely connected to the Nine Unknown.
  • Lawrence Task, Recruits metahumans for the Institute.
  • Ms Task Lawrence Task's twin sister. Any resemblance to Miss Parker is strictly intentional.
  • Matt Davis: Researcher at Homeland Security's Cresting Desk.
  • Elizabeth Welshwood - British journalist -- member of the sister Sorority of the Lodge.
  • Issac Gaff: American Mad scientist, probably "talented", definitely criminal. Recently released from a Federal Correction Institute at Eglin Florida.
  • Archamedia Gelmer: Austrian Eccentric Thinker, suspected to be the Nine's pet librarian and researcher.
  • Ishugi Nelson: Manx mad scientist. Does a variety of contract projects for various oil companies and engineering and telecommunication firms.
  • Robin Foster: A villain.
  • Lakisha Gooding: A victim.
  • Greymatter: A vast alien intelligence. Any resemblance to Ian Banks' GCU Grey Area is not at all a coincidence.


  • Rock Paper Scissors: The band.
  • The Nine Unknowns: A conspiracy that may control the world.
  • The Golden Mean Lodge of Athenian Speculative Freemasonry. Secret society, originally from Toronto, with several metahuman or otherwise esoteric members.
  • The Institute: Think tank operating under several names and charters worldwide. Probably dirty as sin.
  • NW Research: a consulting firm, part of The Institute.
  • The Sorority: Sister organization of Athenian Speculative Freemasonry. Headquarters in London. If possible, even more esoteric.
  • The Think Tank: For a million Euro, they'll think about your problem. Fee used to be in dollars, but Euro are more stable these days.
  • The Super Six: A superhero team back in the nineteen sixties and seventies. Included Everyman. His team mates were killed in battle with the Power Center, a particularly murderous meta-gang.


Our heroes gather in Atlanta for Dragon Con. Some are entertainers, others mere members of the con, but Everyman has prepared for them all.




In Character action

Out of Character chat



  1. Mister Smith knows there is something wrong with time; barriers prevent him from traveling forward past 2012 in his home dimension.
  2. Everyman has been collecting a bizarre series of fortune cookie slips. All variations on "Save Time, Save the World."
  3. Doctor Acuri, A brilliant albeit nutty friend of Everyman, Enigma and Cyper sent them packets of insane calculations -- this wasn't out of character for him. They seemed to be about the Mayan calendar which is a new obsession. Acuri is a Professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.
  4. Metahuman Talent scouts seem to be more active recently. Cypher received an offer from an engineering recruiter, etc. There's a paranormal track at Dragon*con that seems to be generating a buzz in the "Crest" underground.

Rules and Conventions[edit]

The GM expects a Posting Rate of perhaps 3 times a week. More is encouraged for RP purpose, but I'll try to pace things so tactical decisions don't drag.

Respect our fellow players. Please advise if you have to disappear for a week or drop the game. Don't pick fights or insult each other. Don't take control of each other's characters.

On the other hand, the game environment is your playground. I encourage creativity and ruthless manipulation of the game environs and innocent bystanders and supporting cast. The antagonists, alas, are for the most part under my control, though if you want a random mook to bash or spy to seduce feel free.

Robert will do all the dice rolling. He won't cheat. Mostly. He for sure won't cheat for GMPCs -- they're expected to lose.