ACKS Versus Caverns of Thracia

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A game of Weird Fantasy run by The Wyzard

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Player Characters[edit]


  • Charming Sartoris
    • Encumbrance (kit): 4
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Current Total: 4 stone
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Erik the Brick
    • Encumbrance (kit): 9
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Current Total: 9 stone
    • Movement: 30/10/30
  • Nogdar the Cryptic
    • Encumbrance (kit): 2.33
    • Encumbrance (loot):
  • Gertie, a Mule Owned by Erik the Brick (NB: Mules & humans have different move rates)
    • Encumbrance (kit): 3 stone at present
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Current Total: 3 stone
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Elsa, a Mule Owned by the Party
    • Encumbrance (kit): cart
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Yuda the Assassin
    • Encumbrance (kit): 8.5 stone
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Total: 8.5 stone
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Trocero the Presbyter
    • Encumbrance (kit): 7.5 stone
    • Encumbrance (loot):
    • Total: 7.5 stone
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Encumbrance/Exploration/Combat/Running
    • Up to 5 stone 120' per turn 40' per round 120' per round
    • Up to 7 stone 90' per turn 30' per round 90' per round
    • Up to 10 stone 60' per turn 20' per round 60' per round
    • Up to max capacity 30' per turn 10' per round 30' per round


Swicka the FairAWOL

  • Two mule handlers/camp hands


Gertie the Mule[edit]

  • Encumbrance: 3 stone

Movement: 120'/turn @ 20 stone, 60'/turn @ 40 stone

  • Sack with Erik's gear (2 stone)
    • 12 torches
    • 50' rope
    • 40 add. crossbow bolts
    • 1 lb. comfrey
    • 1 lb. woundwort
    • 2 weeks iron rations
  • Sack with Sax's spare gear (1 stone)
    • Spare Hand-axe
    • Lantern
    • Flasks of Common Oil, x2
    • Spare Wine-skin
    • Second week's iron rations.
    • 37 stone in 6 large sacks and 1 small sack

Elsa the Mule[edit]

  • Encumbrance: 2 stone

Movement: 120'/turn @20 stone, 60'/turn @40 stone

  • 1428 gold pieces (1.5 stone)
  • A copper bracelet worth 13gp.
  • A finely made dagger with a jade hilt worth 150gp.
  • A "glass" eye actually made of amber, worth 500gp.
  • A finger-ring in the shape of a grim skull, made of mithril, worth 1200gp.

Third mule and cart[edit]


Campaign World[edit]

  • Here are a collection of essays about the campaign world, which may prove useful. Note that every month consists of four eight-day weeks. Setting Essays
  • Here is a set of writings specifically on the topic of material culture and technology.

Style Guide[edit]

The Campaign's Style Guide is a page subject to further modification and clarification. I absolutely encourage players to bring up any issue related to the game's style either in the OOC thread, or with me personally via PM. These guidelines are designed to make the game fun, comfortable for the players, dramatic, and fast-moving. If the game is failing in any of those respects, I encourage you to bring it to my attention.

House Rules[edit]

  • Character Generation
    • Characters are generated by rolling 3d6 in order to generate a set. Each player receives five sets, and may select any set they wish to play.
    • In return for having five sets to choose from, I do not allow point-trading.
    • HP are rolled at first level.
    • A character's entire HD pool is re-rolled at each level. If you have a constitution penalty, be sure to roll each die individually, apply the penalty, and treat it as a minimum of one HP. Rolling the entire pool, adding it up, and then subtracting the penalty can lead to having a lower HP total than otherwise. The new total is only taken if it is higher.
    • A character may also reroll their HD pool by spending a week in town engaged in off-screen debauchery or other activities of no mechanical benefit. In this case, they must take the new total even if it is lower.
  • Combat
    • Because I'm generally very loose about positioning in combat, I'm much more generous about Cleaving attacks by both PCs and NPCs than the book indicates. The following is the procedure you should assume: A PC may move five feet before making a Cleave attack (for each cleave attack, not just once per round.) This is like unto the five foot step in 3.x. A Cleave attack may be made against any enemy that is in melee contact with the PC making the cleave attack. For ranged Cleave attacks, the the secondary and additional targets of the attack should be within a fairly close distance to the downed enemy. Call it within a dispersed or close-skirmish formation. If I've described the enemy as being in at least a semi-coherent group, I'm probably going to allow it.
    • Due to the limitations of PBP, I allow the announcement of intention to cast spells or engage in a fighting withdrawal after initiative is posted.
    • If a character is required to roll on the Mortality tables, I allow PCs to roll twice and take either result. They may also choose to simply die, either before or after the result is rolled. If it is after, then any healing magics used to gain a modifier are still expended. This can result in healing magic being wasted.
  • Adventuring
    • A week's rations (including a single waterskin) add up to one stone by themselves.
    • Characters are assumed to go through approximately one waterskin per day, but in most terrain you can refill it once per day (this is essentially something that is assumed to happen off-screen, and doesn't require Survival proficiency.) In harsh terrain or hot conditions, water may become an issue. I'll generally let you know before it's about to become a problem, but it behooves you to pay attention to what's going on in the game-world at all times anyway.

Maps & Plot Hooks[edit]


  • Major sites of the Principality
    • 06.13: Redhandle
    • 04.13: Ancient Temple Complex
    • 07.06: City of Starfall
    • 07.07: Terrible Ruins
    • 13.06: Burningbrook
    • 11.05: Vasool

Current Treasure[edit]

  • Potion of Levitation(Nogdar)

Old Glories and Untold Wealth[edit]

Giant Weasel's Lair[edit]


Mustache Guy[edit]


Spices from the Green Tome[edit]


The Neanderthals' Lair[edit]

Loot 2

Historical Links[edit]

I've been running this same "campaign" through multiple episodes and several different game systems. In order to unclutter my sig on the forum, I'm going to move those links here.

Appendix N[edit]

This is a listing of inspirational material for my campaign specifically, analogous to D&D's famous Appendix N.

  • Westerns:
    • Unforgiven
    • No Country for Old Men (Book or Movie, either way)
    • True Grit (Coen Bros. Version)
    • Blood Meridian (book. This is one of the top ten best books I have ever read, period.)
    • Seven Samurai
  • Fantasy:
    • The Seven Geases
    • The Dying Earth, a fair amount of other Vance. I actually have a really good anthology of tales inspired by the Dying Earth. It's excellent, I can put up the actual title & editor's name if anyone is interested.
    • Howard's Conan and Solomon Kane
    • A fair amount of Moorcock, especially Elric
    • The Amber books, by Zelazny.
    • The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

  • Science Fiction:
    • The Dark Tower series, Stephen King. A fair amount of his other books come under Horror, as well.
    • Acts of Caine (Heroes Die, Blade of Tyshalle)
    • Farscape
    • John Carter (Books, movies, whatever)
    • H.P. Lovecraft's more sci-fi-ish stories.
  • Horror:
    • Fright Night. Especially the remake.
    • A lot of the old Hammer horror films
    • The Raven (Vincent Price)
    • Descent (the one with the spelunking)
    • Jeepers Creepers (more the sequel than the original.)
    • Dusk till Dawn
    • 30 Days of Night

  • Crime:
    • The Usual Suspects
    • Burn After Reading
    • Brick (This is amazing, btw. Highly Recommended.)
    • Miller's Crossing
    • A Simple Plan
    • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
    • The Way of the Gun

  • Other Games:
    • I'm really fond of the setting in The Fantasy Trip.
    • Tekumel, or Empire of the Petal Throne.

  • Music:
    • The music video for Knights of Cydonia. Probably a fair amount of Muse, generally.
    • King Crimson
    • Edguy/Avantasia